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Supercharge your outreach with the most complete sales outreach tool in the market - Outplay!
Is your tool truly multi-channel?
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Truly a Multi-touch outreach platform

Getting that prospect meeting you desire is tough, we know because we have been there. That’s why we made our tool that helps you talk to your prospect in different channels (Emails, Calls & more), which virtually guarantees better results.

Apart from Emails and Calls, only with Outplay you can send an SMS to notify your prospect or a voicemail drop in case they didn’t receive your call. It does not stop there, you can reach out to them on social networks like LinkedIn & Twitter as well.

We superpower your outreach efforts for the 21st century!/p>

A tool that competes with the best in the business

With outplay, your sales team will be using a tool that stands head to head with the industry’s best in terms of features, usability, and capabilities.

Why use anything else when you can use Outplay?

Simplest Pricing

Fear that you are overpaying with your growing contact database? You will never have that problem with our simple, single pricing plan that gives you every feature without putting any limits on them. Nor do we have any hidden costs.

P.S: We have a separate pricing plan just for start up’s. Chat with us to know more.

Top Features

Multi-touch channels

Reach out to your prospects wherever they are - email, phone, text/SMS, LinkedIn or Twitter

Call your prospects from anywhere you want

With our in-built dialer calling prospects is as easy as pushing a button! No more switching apps.

Book meetings with your website visiting prospects

With our special touch, you can identify your prospects visiting your website and quickly book a meeting with them from chat.

Integrations to superpower your progress

We provide powerful bi-directional integrations with Pipedrive, Salesforce & more to take your outreach efforts to the next level!

Do not get distracted by busywork

We give you the ability to automate your sequences intelligently so you can focus more on closing deals!

Reliable analytics to improve your efforts

We provide the most accurate analytics to your outreach efforts across channels for you to improve your work. Send, analyze, tweak, and succeed!

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