All You Need To Know About Email Signatures (+Examples)

Monika Jahnavi


Monika Jahnavi


April 19, 2022

All You Need To Know About Email Signatures (+Examples)

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Don't you agree that the most critical part for winning a business deal is the first step of sending a cold email? It really is a make-or-break situation, and when the stakes are high, it is vital to get it right. Your ideal prospect, however, receives a ton of emails on a daily basis and your email could get easily lost in the clutter.

You must now be wondering what you can do to improve the success of your email marketing campaign? Well, for starters add a subject line that is short, crisp, and actionable, followed by an email body that adds value and builds credibility. Finally, add a signature.

Yes, a signature.

Data reveals that 48% of marketers use email signatures to drive traffic to their websites. Signatures enhance the conversion rates on your emails while also making them seem professional and raising awareness of your business in a reasonably short period of time. It aids in establishing the initial impression and trust with your prospect in your first email.

Now that we have established that email signatures play a pretty significant role in garnering interest, it is important to note that you as a sales rep can stand out from the hoards of other reps trying to sell to the same prospect by having a unique signature which enables great brand recall.  As the old phrase goes the first impression is indeed the last impression and it's your job to ensure you make it a lasting impression.

But before we jump into some examples that will help you stand out, let's first deep dive and understand a little more about email signatures.

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a bold text, like a piece of the contact information or a favorite quote, that automatically appears after being inserted at the end of an email as a footer. It works as a piece of information that establishes and reinforces your brand identity and who you are as a company or an individual.

Email signatures work like a charm when they are set up appropriately. Despite the fact that it is a basic element of an email, it gives the email its character and credibility quotient. To create professional email signatures, one usually adds the following basic information:

  • Name - helps the recipient identify you
  • Contact details
  • Company name and website
  • Email address and links to social media handles

How Can a Good Email Signature Benefit You?

  1. Trust: An email signature is very important for every email campaign because it establishes a level of trust between the sender and the recipient. Apart from that, an email sent with an email signature has more personal touch. It provides information about the sender.
  2. Professional impression: An elegant design paired with the right messaging leaves behind a professional image.
  3. Keeping track of your prospects: It becomes easy to understand your prospects. You can track the links your recipients click in your email signature.
  4. Brand recognition: Identifying your brand becomes easier. Every time buyers look at your signature, they are implicitly registering their perception of the brand you have built for yourself.
  5. Brand promotion: Adding special offer links to an email signature would assist in promoting a new product or service that is launched.

Remember, a professional email signature should be as clear and brief as possible without being overloaded with unnecessary information.

Creative email signatures types for your inspiration

1) Clickable Email Signature

A clickable signature, as the name implies, contains a clickable link. The link could be a website URL, a phone number, or an embedded YouTube video. What better approach to increase conversions than through email marketing campaigns?

Your prospects get the option to interact with you on a variety of channels, increasing the intensity of the engagement.

Image courtesy:

2) Social Icon Signature

Using social media signature links, you can direct prospects or recipients to the platforms that showcase your activities and promotional events. Make use of icons rather than hyperlinks.

Image courtesy:

3) Video Email Signature

This kind of signature is used by professionals to sell and promote a product or service and is provided by the company.

It might be a demo video, a brand promotion video, or a video promoting a special offer. When using video signatures, it's vital to determine what you're trying to achieve before you begin.

This email signature helps build a personal relationship with your audience and garner their trust.

Image courtesy:

4) Animated GIF Signature

This signature style has the potential to double the number of clicks on the signature. An animated GIF has a tremendous effect on your click-through rate.

However, it would be ideal if you remained extremely cautious and concise in your approach. You should choose a GIF that is industry-specific and unique while still conveying a sense of forethought.

GIF courtesy:

5) A Simple Design

It is a signature with just a few colors. Focus on vital information without adding any unnecessary fluff. As an example, consider:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Brand logo with the name
  • Contact details with relevant links
Image courtesy:‌‌

6) Email Signature with Elements that Stand Out

Although this includes the basic information like -

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Contact information
  • Company website and social media links

It also consists of some creative elements like -

  • An animated GIF
  • Video thumbnail
  • A relevant quote
  • Zoom button
  • Leave a review option
  • Hyperlinked image

Image courtesy:

7) Minimalist Email Signature

This signature style gives only the most important information about you and your brand, and it provides the audience with clear means of contacting you for your services.

  • Name
  • Designation with picture
  • Company name with logo
  • Contact information and socials
  • Website Information

Image courtesy:

8) Personal Email Signature

This signature style, as the name suggests, is PERSONAL. You may customize it according to the message you wish to send via the mail. But be sure to use it for formal communication.

  • Name
  • Image
  • Job title
  • Home or office address
  • Phone and telephone number, Email address
  • Website
  • Social media links and Call to Action (If any)


9) Banner Email Signature

A Banner is a small responsive image with a message to the readers. Ensure that the banner is clickable, readable, and has a clear call to action.

Here is what you can add:

  • Name
  • Job title and Company
  • Contact details
  • Email address and website
Image courtesy:

Tips for Writing Killer Email Signatures

While there are several email signature templates to choose from, the most important thing is to select the one that best represents your brand and your product/service in order to build credibility and trust in all your email marketing campaigns.

  • Use every opportunity to express your brand voice, product, or service — or even who you are — to your target audience. Your design, colors, fonts, and all other elements should communicate the company's values and identity.
  • Use your signatures as an opportunity to interact with your audience, enhance engagement by including links to your social media profiles, or even encourage them to download a freebie in exchange for their contact information by having your social network profiles.
  • By using Google Maps in your email signature, you and your company could increase your exposure, which is highly beneficial if your company is a restaurant or a local shop.
  • When sending an email, whether it is a daily communication from your personal account or a mass mailing campaign, the way you sign off your email will have an influence on the reader's mind, so make sure it is a genuine and long-lasting one.

Wrapping up

A good sales rep never leaves what he or she can achieve to chance and although email sgnatures might seem really tiny in the grand scheme of things that a sales process entails, it's important to leverage that tiny piece of real-esate on your email.

With Outplay you can harness the power of email signatures as you connect with your prospects on multiple channels including email to supercharge your sales. The sales engagement platform helps you amplify your sales outreach by sending personalized emails, automating email sequences and get instant engagement insights too. Sign up for a 14-day free trial here and experience the magic yourself?

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