Why Employer Advantage chose Outplay for their sales engagement needs over their previous SEP

With Colby Davis, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Employer Advantage a customer of Outplay SEP shares their experience as a case study about

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Employer Advantage is an HR management solution provider who's been in the business for more than thirty years now. The company handles administrative and compliance responsibilities of the HR side of things for their customers so that their customers can fully focus on their business success. Employer Advantage's number one priority is keeping their customers happy through a personalized solution, and for that same reason, they decided to go with Outplay over Salesloft and Outreach, for personalized customer support and an all-in-one solution that Outplay offered. Within just a few months since implementation, Outplay is now a huge part of their sales success.

Finding the right tool for growth

"With Outplay, you promised that you'll help us, work with us, and won't stop supporting us until we say that we're successful and that was a massive change from what we were used to with our previous Sales Engagement Platform. That was huge."
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing

When Colby Davis joined Employer Advantage, he was tasked with building the sales team from the ground up. Initially, they tried using SalesLoft for a year but it didn't work out, states Colby, who is now the VP of Sales and Marketing at Employer Advantage. "SalesLoft was a fine tool. It worked as it was supposed to, but we didn't really get any support, it wasn't intuitive enough. There was a lot of friction and we weren't getting much value out of it", he recalls. 

What Employer Advantage needed was a sales engagement solution that met their unique needs, a tool that can be used by their outside (field sales) sales team. That's when Colby came across Outplay, “Someone from your team reached out and it was an entirely different experience because you understood what we were looking for, which made me feel a lot more confident in the tool, that Outplay was going to meet our needs."

Intuitive, easy to use, and aiding sales in a remote world

Employer Advantage's sales team consists of purely field sales representatives who are alwaysout and about, meeting prospects in person.

"Field salespeople don't like to pick up the phone or sit at a computer. They prefer interacting with people face to face. Outplay allows my team to get the work done quickly, see an impact, stay organized, and be efficient as they do it. And they see the value in using Outplay so they stick with it. It's one of the reasons why I love Outplay, it's easy to use" says Colby.

“It’s one of the reasons why I love Outplay, it’s easy to use.”
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing at Employer Advantage

"COVID has changed how we interact with people. A lot of us do it virtually now, which makes Outplay even more important to us", states Colby. “We’re about to start building an inside sales team. So Outplay is going to become an even more critical piece of our future strategy and how we’re going to be working as a sales team going forward.”

Leveraging Salesforce integration, dialer, call coaching, triggers, and reports

The sales team at Employer Advantage meets their prospects in person and then uses Outplay to warm up their leads with multi-channel sales cadences (emails, calls, Linkedln, etc) and book meetings. "The built-in dialer is great, super affordable, rather than having to pay a hefty amount for a dialer that really should be part of the package, because everyone needs a dialer if they're really using this tool right", says Colby."

One of the things that my team loves is the seamless sync with Salesforce. When they put in a lead on Salesforce it automatically shows up on Outplay, assigned to the right SDR. That reduces a step, reduces friction", explains Colby.

"I really like the triggers, how we can customize the triggers and make it work for us the way we need it to. That has been really important, that ability to automate the right things in the right way", states Colby. "Another thing I like is I can see my team activities this week. I can dive in to see who is doing what, what the volume looks like in just a few clicks. Therefore, it's a lot easier for me to see when we're being successful when we're booking meetings versus when we need to go in there and make some changes."

"But most importantly, as a manager, I like the ability to listen to my team's calls and to coach them. I find a lot of value in that", explains Colby.
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing at Employer Advantage

A hands-on partner, invested in their success

"We came on board with Outplay and saw an immediate difference in the support. You stuck with us, helped us, coached the team, helped me write the emails, checked in with us to make sure we were being successful. When we had issues, we could reach out to anyone on your team, and they were responsive. They knew us and they took care of us", recalls Colby.

"Since then, we've loved working with Outplay because we trust you. I know the tool is still evolving and growing, and I love that I get a voice in what matters and that you listen to me and care about me as a customer."

Colby's piece of advice

"For a sales team, this is the tool you want. So many other tools out there try to be many different kinds of marketing and sales tools, but Outplay, for sales teams, it's a perfect match."
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing at Employer Advantage

Colby says, "If you're looking to buy a sales engagement platform, just buy Outplay. That's the short answer. Are there other tools out there that have a big name and can do similar things? Yes. But with Outplay, I not only get a great tool, but I get a great team. I get people I can trust, people who are responsive, people who will help me, troubleshoot with me if needed. And you're not going to get that going with another tool, because they're too big and all they care about is just getting more subscribers."

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