Showpass doubles its sales quota within a year after switching to Outplay

With Clayton Domina, BDR Manager
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 Showpass, client of Outplay sales engagement platform
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Showpass is a venue and event management software company that offers a unique platform for collaboration between the key groups that power events. From venues to organizers, to street teams, to attendees, Showpass is focused on bringing people together through the magic of live events. Powered by the most talented teams in the industry, fostering innovation, creativity, and disruption, Showpass helps make your events great.


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Challenge: A sales engagement platform for a unique business use case

“In the team’s perspective, Outplay was the most valuable, and what’s more powerful than that? We didn’t have that kind of buy-in from the team for any of the other tools we tried - not Hubspot, not Apollo, and definitely not Outreach.” Andrew Morton, VP of Sales, UserVoice.

Showpass was using Salesloft for their sales engagement needs but they didn’t get the customer support they were looking for, given the size of their team and their unique use case being an event management software. 

Clayton Domina, the BDR manager of Showpass’s sales team says they were looking at a bunch of different sales engagement platforms like High-Velocity Sales and Outreach when they came across Outplay, “Outplay seemed to be everything we needed, the price point was very good, and the customer support experience was great”.

“And it’s been a very good decision for us, switching to Outplay”, states Clayton. “We also liked your commitment to innovation and the velocity at which you keep adding new features and capabilities to the product”.
Clayton Domina
BDR Manager at Showpass

Solution: Greater visibility into team performance, call coaching capabilities and best in class customer support

“One of the things we immediately loved about Outplay is the bi-directional seamless sync with Salesforce”, recalls Clayton. “The Dialer function was pretty awesome - to be able to purchase different area codes easily, being able to listen in on calls, coach our sales reps through live call monitoring, and record and playback calls. And I personally liked the ability to send SMS to leads”, shares Clayton. 

“We also needed a tool that offered greater visibility into our team’s performance,” says Clayton “and we got that with Outplay. Outplay helped us better track the metrics of different channels which made a big impact compared to Salesloft. ”

Clayton Domina
BDR Manager at Showpass

“It was super easy to get started with Outplay, the customer support team was super responsive and helpful. It hardly took us a couple of days to get set up and run. The transition from Salesloft was super smooth” explains Clayton.

Results: Showpass doubles its pipeline within a year

Reflecting on their journey with Outplay so far, Clayton points to the impact the platform has had in helping Showpass’s sales team unlock business growth and drive increased sales.

“With Outplay, we doubled our sales quota in a year. We were also able to consistently book more meetings week on week and the number of meetings booked per BDR also improved. We attribute this to the number of touchpoints we are able to cover with Outplay - emails, calls, SMS, social, etc,” explains Clayton.

Showpass’s average prospect interactions have also increased. “Our average activity per prospect has grown by 25%”, says Clayton. “With the ability to A/B test emails, our overall email reply rates have also improved by 15%” he adds

Clayton Domina
BDR Manager at Showpass

With Outplay, it's been very easy to measure performance, set up benchmarks, and keep improving on it, adds Clayton. 

Final words

“Outplay’s dedication to improvement, frequency of feature releases, quick bug fixes, amazing customer support, and the overall user experience you get is great. Outplay is especially good for rapidly scaling companies because of the kind of customer support you get, the price point, and the symbiotic evolution you will experience with the platform itself”, adds Clayton.

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