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Why you should use Outplay’s sales calling software

Here’s why you should use us too:

  • We enable seamless outbound and inbound sales calling
  • We leave you more prospecting time by automating everything around calling
  • We provide real-time calling insights that help speed up your reps’ learning curve
Make inbound and outbound calls with sales calling software

Make both inbound and outbound calls using Outplay

Dial prospects with ease. Whether it's inbound or outbound calling, you can do it all from your browser when using Outplay. Add calls to your sales sequence so your reps never miss the right time to call prospects. Sequence your calls at scale and reach more leads.

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Outplay’s modern dialer for sales calling

Don’t stop at just cold calling, do more

Using Outplay’s modern dialer you can train your reps better through live call monitoring, listening, and call whispering. You get to see which reps are currently in calls with the live activity feed and also barge in on calls if needed without violating any regulations. You can be there for your team when they need you to help book meetings or close important deals

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Coach sales team using Outplay’s sales calling software

Coach your sales team to help them succeed

Coach your sales reps using advanced features such as live call monitoring, listening, and call whispering. See which reps are currently taking calls using the live activity feed. You can also barge in on calls if you think necessary without worrying about violating any regulations. Always be present for your team when they need you.

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Do it all with single click using sales calling tool

Do it all with just a click of a button

Execute tasks, send emails, make calls, schedule meetings, update call outcomes, and everything else with a single click on our platform. Capture prospects with a click from Gmail and LinkedIn with Outplay’s Chrome extension. Eliminate grunt work and boost your sales team’s productivity with an easy-to-love and use sales engagement tool.

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Manage & assign numbers easily with Outplay’s sales calling software

Manage and assign numbers within seconds

Our integration with Twilio helps you get a local or international number in seconds. Assign numbers to your sales reps on a need-to-have basis. Outplay just makes managing phone numbers super easy.

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Increase pick-up rate using sales calling tool

Increase pick-up rate using the Local Dial

Prospects are more likely to answer calls when receiving a call from a local number. Thanks to Outplay’s tie-up with Twilio, your sales team can automatically dial both domestic and international prospects from local numbers and increase your pick-up rates.

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You can easily integrate with the tools you are already using

Leverage a whole bunch of native CRM integrations, robust API, and the power of Zapier to automatically sync your data and keep records up to date.
Salesforce integration with Outplay’s sales engagement platform


Pipedrive Outplay Integration for sales outreach platform


Hubspot Integration with Outplay sales engagement software


Gong Integration with Outplay sales automation software


Gmail Integration with Outplay sales engagement software


Office365 Integration with Outplay for sales automation

Office 365

Vidyard Integration with Outplay sales sequence software


Zapier Integration with Outplay email automation tool


Hear what our customers have to say

Pete D, client of Outplay top sales engagement platforms

I decided to fund a license out of my pocket to pilot the solution before going to my management team to ask for more licensing. Not only was I impressed, but I also got excited. I have used SalesLoft and Outreach, and while they are reasonable solutions, they lack the support and customer care to warrant their hefty prices.

Pete D

Chief Marketing Officer, Flexxible IT
Steven S, client of the sales engagement solution Outplay

Love Outplay. The level of professionalism and desire to satisfy the customer is second to none. There is a sincere desire to make the customer happy. They have done a great job evolving the product from when I first started using it just about a couple of years ago. If you are considering a marketing automation program, I would highly recommend Outplay.

Steven S

MBTI® Certified Practitioner, Shaffer Consulting Group
Colby Davis, client of top sales automation platform Outplay

The best part of Outplay is the team behind the tool. They care about making sure that my team is successful and seeing the outcomes that we want to see. We were previously with a big name competitor but were not seeing a lot of success with their tool. The team at Outplay has changed that for us and we are seeing the ROI in a big way.

Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

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