How to hire exceptional SDRs and enable them to succeed FAST!

Sales hiring is mission-critical, especially now in the remote sales world. The ability to attract, hire and ramp up successful reps is an enormous competitive advantage. Building a world-class sales team is your chance tp pull away from the pack. And the more repeatable and sustainable you can make this process, the faster you can propel forward.

Join Josh Ruff and David Youngblood as they highlight how to hire and enable SDRs in a remote sales world. Learn how to leverage and build this game-changing playbook for your organisation’s success.


Josh Ruff

Josh Ruff is a Partnerships team lead at PreHired. He has added 150+ hiring partnerships including Drift, Gong, Sisense, Citrix & Wix, and helped to launch strategic partnerships with LeadIQ, Outplay, and many other companies. He is known for helping find top SDRs and guide them towards success with the help of the right skills, tools, and workflow. Josh believes and proves that hires can be made in days, and further help them ramp up faster while crushing their quotas.
David Youngblood

David Youngblood is a Senior Sales and Partner Manager at Outplay. He is also an Ambassador for RevGenius. He has seen the power of Social Selling first hand during his Seventeen years of sales and consulting experience. When he’s not Social Selling and Outplaying, he can be found hanging with his family or creating in his workshop as a woodcrafting artisan.