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Outplay is now SOC 2 Type I Compliant!


Published December 7, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce that as of December 2021, Outplay is officially SOC 2 Type 1 certified.

SOC (System and Organization Controls) is an American standard that belongs to AICPA (the American CPA association) - a widely recognized auditing standard level that confirms Outplay’s processes and checks if the controls meet the AICPA's Trust Service Criteria. This is verified through an in-depth independent audit i.e. related to confidentiality and the security of a system. The SOC 2 Type 1 report is also evaluated on the basis of the design suitability of applicable security controls and the documentation present within Outplay.

"SOC 2 compliance is a key part of Outplay's commitment to its existing and future customers - allowing them to be confident about the security of their data", stated Ram Papineni, the Co-founder & CTO of Outplay.

What is SOC 2?

A SOC 2 report is for organizations that store and process the information of their clients. This gives you a sense of reassurance that the prospecting you do and the information you hold are not available to anyone but the intended recipients.

Why is SOC 2 important?

For the SaaS platforms which deal in customer data, SOC 2 certification is important to make sure your product is fully covered on the security, governance, risk, and compliance fronts.

What is next?

We have started working towards the next milestone, i.e. to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance, which will be based on what we have already attained with Type 1. This is to make sure that the trust our customers have in us should remain intact and they should be confident that their data is safe and secure.

A copy of Outplay’s SOC 2 Type 1 report is available to both current and prospective customers under NDA upon request.