The potential economic downturn, globalization, and shifts in workplace practices have caused new trends to emerge.  Wider role definitions for managerial positions, higher attrition rates, lower talent pools, shorter work weeks, and an increased focus on mental health at work - that’s what the new normal looks like for a lot of us. 

An organization’s success always depends on how well teams work with each other. And there’s no place like a startup environment for collaboration and synchronicity between teams. It’s this synchronicity that helps employees understand the commonalities between their designation and teams in comparison to others. I personally feel that there is a tightly knit alliance between how a People Success and a Sales Representative works. Both roles are crucial ones that handle people, numbers, communication, and technology. 

We have seen a high level of collaboration and comparability between the sales and People Success teams at Outplay. And this synergy between the teams always delivers great business results. The parallelism between both the team processes is so similar but just has different contexts. We find this super interesting and thought we’d lay it out for you -


sales and people success.jpeg


Pipelines, user experiences, technology, negotiation, cold outreach and research - both sales and people success reps are no strangers to these terms. And while processes might sound similar, the two have more in common - some really cool personality traits.   

Excellent persuasion and communication skills, creativity, and high resilience in spades. Apart from these traits, both roles call for an analytical mind that is capable of foreseeing the long-term value their prospects/candidates can bring to the company. People in both roles also need to be extroverted, great multitaskers, and persistent folks who are honest and capable of having conversations that are insightful.  We see our Outplayers achieve incredible things on the strength of these every single day. 

As alike as these roles may look, they do also have their unique differences and irreplaceable value. And at the end of the day, their strengths lie in both. More power to our sales and people success superheroes!