Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Outplay PC Recruiter Integration

Easily manage candidate outreach and business development in one platform. Save time, increase efficiency, and find the best talent for your team.

PCRecruiter Integration for Recruiters | Outplay

Outplay + PCRecruiter: The Ultimate Power Duo for Recruiters & HR teams

The Outplay PCRecruiter integration empowers recruiters with efficient candidate outreach, streamlined workflows, and real-time information sharing, ultimately enhancing recruitment processes.

Seamless Bi-Directional Data Integration

The integration between Outplay and PCRecruiter offers seamless bi-directional data sync, empowering recruiters to efficiently track the impact of their outreach efforts. This ensures instant sync of candidate status updates between platforms, streamlining recruitment processes and maintaining a human touch throughout the candidate engagement journey.

Data-Driven Candidate Outreach

Broaden your candidate reach and facilitate thorough follow-ups with automated, data-driven outreach. Utilize opens, clicks, and positive responses, to refine strategies and ensure effective candidate engagement at every stage. This empowers you to make informed decisions on channel preferences, timing, and more for maximum impact.

Personalized Multi-Channel Sequences

Maximize candidate engagement by employing personalized multi-channel sequences, including tailored emails, LinkedIn messages, and calls, to significantly boost response rates. Take advantage of our advanced AI features, such as Outplay's AI-powered email writer and conversational intelligence, to further enhance the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Why our customer ❤️ us

"Ramp up in days, not months.."

"Every time I bring on new sales reps, they get used to it really quickly and then thrive in it. Most of the reps I bring in are entry-level and haven’t used sales software before. In two or three days they’re booking demos using Outplay."

Sadya Zirkind
Sadya Zirkind

Director of Growth and Partnerships, Four

Changing the Outreach Software Game!

They have amazing support and are growing the product every  day. I love how easy it is to engage with. I'm now able to connect  with exponentially more prospects across all platforms than I was before.

Christopher J


"Great Product"

This has increased our number of touches by probably 6x a week. I wasn't even looking for a product like this and now I will never get rid of it.

Shawn P

Senior Vice President

“Brilliant tool, with amazing customer service”

Our SDRs cannot do without it, its an essential tool in our sales armory.

Anupreet S

Sales Director, 6Sense

“Nothing slips through the cracks - Simple and efficient”
  1. Ease of use that helps in easy training of SDRs.
  2. Ease of Implementation
  3. Scalability
  4. Amazing Customer Support
Suraj S

Founder, Leadle Consulting

"Outplay has been a game-changer for myself and my clients"

One of the great things about Outplay is its ease of use. It’s not the simplest tool around, but that's just because it does so much. But compared to other sales engagement tools that I’ve used (I’m an customer), the difference is night and day. Very easy to use, straightforward, gives you what you need without the bloat of their competitors' platforms. The UI is really good as well.

David Stephen P

SAP Recruiter / President, The SAP Recruiter / The Kineta Group, Inc.

Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.

Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton

VP of Sales, now CRO, UserVoice

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