Security and Compliance

A compliance program in any industry provides you with goals and standards to work toward. Keeping customers' data secure is a core part of our security and privacy program. Our key certifications and attestations reflect this in how we design our products, the operational security practices we implement, and the layers of protection we provide.



SOC 2 compliance is a key part of Outplay's commitment to its existing and future customers - allowing them to be confident about the security of their data

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EU citizens' personal information and their privacy are protected under the GDPR as a condition of conducting business within EU member states. The compliance of Outplay with these regulations was assessed by a third party.

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Network Security

Traffic on our systems is encrypted over SSL/HTTPS. Internal firewalls and access lists are in place to isolate our network.


An integrated log management system streams logs in real-time over secure channels.
We collect everything from application logs to AWS CloudTrail logs for a complete audit trail of employee and user activity without compromising production systems. We also provide technical support and development teams with access to logs without gaining access to production systems.

Penetration Testing

To help keep our applications safe and secure, we also perform periodic penetration testing with third-party vendors. These tests are conducted in-depth on the areas of network, server, database.

Restricted Access

We allow access only to key members of Outplay’s team. Password sharing is highly forbidden.

Application level security

Our distributed server architecture ensures that even if one system goes down, the rest of the environment stays secure. Database instances are separated from application servers.

Data Centers

As our primary Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, Outplay hosts its production infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Data Security

We keep our systems updated with the latest deployments and patches. Every change to the database is logged. Our systems are periodically backed up and tested.

System Status

The status of Outplay’s portal is available publicly. Outplay’s dev-ops team also monitors the uptime continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is security assessment commonly used to determine the risks associated with online storage of customer data by outsourced software solutions.

Why SOC 2?

It's the report your Customers are clamoring for. SOC 2 certification is important for Saas platforms which deal in customer data, to make sure the product is fully covered on the security, governance, risk and compliance fronts.

Can you customize your service's privacy settings?

Yes, who sees what and what can be controlled by the user can be customized basis the roles & permissions.

Do we have a backup of our data?

Yes, all the data and transactions are backed up on a daily basis. It is saved for up to 90 days.

How do we make sure you service are always up and reliable ?

We make sure that system is 99.9% up and running. Please click here for real time status.

What does Outplay do with our data ?

We keep your data safe. We do not use your data for any marketing or advertising purpose.

Will I be updated if there is a change in service which I opted for ?

Our team will give you an intimation if there is any kind of change in the service, the system, or the compliance.

How can i opt-out of the service?

This is sad news.
Contact your account manager or Customer Success team if you would like to cancel and delete your account. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to Outplay Platform.

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