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Outplay the best sales engagement solution for your sales outreach process
Outplay is the best sales engagement platform for your inbound sales

Inbound Sales

Never miss an inbound sales opportunity.

  • Connect with leads while the intent is high
  • Go beyond the first name, engage inbound leads with a personal touch
  • Build a healthy pipeline by qualifying hot leads

  • Sadya Zirkind
    Sadya Zirkind

    Director of Growth and Parternships, Four

    “It was like - we needed Outplay to breathe!
    Our entire sales process now revolves around Outplay.”

    Outbound Sales

    Accelerate your  outbound sales on autopilot

  • Scale your outbound sales and follow up with automation
  • Execute outreach at scale while still keeping things personal
  • Track and replicate your best efforts with razor-sharp intel on engagement metrics

  • Andrew Morton
    Andrew Morton

    VP of Sales, now CRO at UserVoice

    “Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone..
    If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.”
    Account-based sales with Outplay’s sales automation tool

    Account-Based Sales

    Never miss an inbound opportunity

  • Orchestrate account-based playbooks across your teams and channels
  • Auto-update prospect’s journey, revisit and close with dynamic sequencing
  • Track and measure activities against target accounts
  • Close high-value deals with account-based selling

  • Ash Dhillon

    Business Development Manager, Mytoor | G2 Crowd

    “One of the best engagement tools for automation..
    The ability to set up custom triggers. i.e. contacts are automatically added to specific sequences once created in your CRM. We use Pipedrive as our CRM and the native integration means we can set as many triggers up as we like so the automation is phenomenal.”
    Improve outreach with your candidates using Outplay’s sales engagement solution

    HR and Recruiting

    Reach more candidates

  • Improve outreach with your candidate base
  • Engage every potential candidate
  • Scale your recruitment with a human touch

  • David Stephen P

    VSAP Recruiter / President, The SAP Recruiter /The Kineta Group, Inc.G2 Crowd

    “Outplay has been a game-changer for myself and my clients..
    One of the great things about Outplay is its ease of use. It’s not the simplest tool around, but that's just because it does so much. But compared to other sales engagement tools that I’ve used (I’m an ex-Outreach.io customer), the difference is night and day. Very easy to use, straightforward, gives you what you need without the bloat of their competitors' platforms.”
    Automate communication with customers using Outplay sales tool

    Customer Success

    Reduce churn and retain customers

  • Create a seamless onboarding experience with automated campaigns
  • Provide post-onboarding support
  • Automate regular communication with customers
  • Send timely reminders

  • Alex W

    Sales Rep | G2 Crowd

    "Outplay is seriously malleable and has a ton of convenient features we never got with other sales engagement platforms..
    Never thought I'd want to switch to another platform but once we got rolling with Outplay it was a breeze. Killer CS team and always quick to answer questions.”

    Close more deals faster with Outplay