SOCIAL SELLING: How to ACTUALLY get sales meetings out of likes and comments

While everyone seems to agree social selling is a proven sales technique that should be in your outbound sales channel mix, not many seem to have cracked the code and end up going on a liking and commenting spree without any plan. For some, it comes naturally, but for some, it might look like a humongous task you might as well live without. Few have seen success, while some have pondered if it’s all just about showing up and commenting.

In this webinar, we help break it down to you with the help of someone who is not only passionate about social selling, but have also seen enormous success with it in their role as a sales rep.

Things you will be able to do after watching the webinar

1. Use others’ LinkedIn content to book meetings
2. Use your own LinkedIn content to book meetings
3. Leverage Slack to book meetings


Evan Patterson

Evan Patterson (he/him/his) is a Content & Community Evangelist at Troops. He is also a Coach and DEI Co-Leader at SDR Nation, Contributing Writer at RevGenius, Social Selling Consultant at scaleMatters, and Brand Ambassador at both Outbound SOS & Rocket Science Branding. Evan has almost a decade of sales development experience and a large portion of his success in that role has come from developing social selling strategies.
David Youngblood

David Youngblood is a Senior Sales and Partner Manager at Outplay. He is also an Ambassador for RevGenius. He has seen the power of Social Selling first hand during his Seventeen years of sales and consulting experience. When he’s not Social Selling and Outplaying, he can be found hanging with his family or creating in his workshop as a woodcrafting artisan.