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A modern sales engagement platform that combines multi-channel outreach and sales automations to help you reach your revenue goals
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Personalize your sales outreach

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Outplay is the only sales engagement platform you will ever need. Works out of the box with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Zoho CRM.
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Hundreds of sales teams use Outplay to crush their revenue goals

Engage your prospects wherever they are

Your prospects are everywhere, is your sales engagement? Combine email, call, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, outbound chat and reach your prospects across all channels. Engage them wherever they are and increase your chances of booking a meeting.

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Sell more with the right mix of personalization and automation

Eliminate busywork by automating your sales workflows with Triggers. Put time back in your reps’ day so that they can focus more on what matters - selling!

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Magic Outbound Chat

Do account based marketing the right way. Notify your sales team the minute a prospect from your outbound sequences lands on your website. Initiate chat with them in one-click, and engage personally with prospects when the interest is hot!

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Insights to drive revenue growth

Make informed business decisions based on real-time data. Outplay’s analytics provide information on what moves the needle forward, & how you can leverage that data into successful messaging, segments, & market direction. Now your sales team can truly optimize its strategy to drive more revenue.

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Integrations to supercharge your sales

Salesforce integration with Outplay’s sales engagement platform

Salesforce Outplay integration

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Pipedrive Outplay Integration for sales outreach platform

Pipedrive Outplay integration

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Hubspot Integration with Outplay sales engagement software

Hubspot Outplay integration

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Gong Integration with Outplay sales automation software

Gong Outplay integration

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Gmail Integration with Outplay sales engagement software

Gmail Outplay integration

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Office365 Integration with Outplay for sales automation

Office 365 Outplay integration

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Vidyard Integration with Outplay sales sequence software

Vidyard Outplay integration

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Zapier Integration with Outplay email automation tool

Zapier Outplay integration

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Sales Sequences 2021

Top performing sales sequences from high-velocity sales teams

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Our customers love us

Anupreet Singh

Director of Sales, Slintel

Brilliant tool, with amazing customer service. Our SDRs cannot do without it, it’s an essential tool in our sales armoury.

Sadya Zirkind

Director of Sales, Four

Great Product! The cadences are extremely helpful and have saved the team countless hours of manual work.

Colby Davis, client of top sales automation platform Outplay

Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

Great tool and team with lots of potential! We were previously with a big name competitor but were not seeing a lot of success with their tool. The team at Outplay has changed that for us and we are seeing the ROI in a big way.