Drive explosive growth with multichannel outreach

Our multichannel outreach platform empowers you to diversify your outreach and reach prospects where they are. From email, phone, and SMS to social, WhatsApp, and chat, Outplay has everything you need to sell more at scale.

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Outplay’s multichannel sales outreach has everything you need to start prospecting now

Captivate prospects wherever they are with multichannel outreach

Significantly increase your sales with Outplay

Buyers today have evolved and so should you. Today, you have numerous sales channels at your disposal and multichannel prospecting aids in utilizing them wisely.  With Outplay you can automate ​​multichannel outreach and create opportunities faster.

  • Drive multichannel outreach by putting together a sequence with any combination of email, phone, SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp on our multichannel platform
  • Improve your outreach potential by being present where your prospects are to make a good first impression and get more meetings booked
  • With a unified multichannel sales strategy in place cover all touchpoints and watch the meetings queue up 
Drive multichannel outreach with Outplay’s sales outreach tool

Send emails that deliver results

On average, emails drive an ROI of $36 for every $1 you spend. When you choose our multichannel platform, you can also send emails that get you opens, increase conversions and generate huge ROI.

  • Automate your sales workflow by creating email sequences mixed with multichannel sales touchpoints such as calls, SMS, and Twitter
  • Turn your best-performing emails into winning templates saving both you and your teammates the valuable time lost in writing beautiful emails every time. You can further use our AI email writer, Magicmail to generate personalized emails for you 
  • Track prospect engagement insights in real-time and enhance your cold email outreach with features like open tracking, link tracking, send later, reminders, meetings, templates, personalized videos, and more
Send email with Outplay cold email outreach

Seamlessly call prospects with the click of a button

Did you know that a whopping 82% of buyers accept meetings with sales reps who cold call? You can also engage more prospects via cold calls on our multichannel platform. 

  • Save some valuable time by using the click-to-call button instead of dialing a prospect. Simply click the button and make & receive calls to/from anyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Spend more time prospecting as our multichannel platform automates voicemails, call recordings, and everything around calling
  • Track reps’ performance to accelerate their learning curve and leverage the call monitoring, listening, and call whispering features to coach them better
Call your prospects with a single click from Outplay

Reach prospects at their fingertips with SMS & WhatsApp

Level up your engagement game with our multichannel platform by adding SMS and Whatsapp to your multichannel sales outreach. 

  • Humanize your interactions with personalized messaging templates and send out single or bulk text messages, completely eliminating the instant typing work
  • Keep conversations flowing and accelerate the sales process by adding SMS and Whatsapp messages to your sales sequences
  • Trigger event-based SMS based on your prospect’s actions to add a personal touch to your engagement efforts and engage prospects right at their fingertips
Reach prospects at their with Outplay’s multichannel sales outreach

Leverage social networking sites for effective prospecting

Did you know that almost half the world’s population is now active on social media? This invariably makes social selling more relevant than ever. And what better channels to do it on than Twitter?

  • Harness the power of Twitter on Outplay by adding these sales channels to your multichannel outreach 
  • Capture prospects with a click and directly add them to your sequences with the Chrome extension - Outplay Connect. Later use the ready templates to send personalized InMails and significantly boost your lead conversion rate 
  • Add Twitter tasks in Outplay sequences to follow and engage the right stakeholders and influencers in your field.
Capture prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter with multichannel outreach

Engage proactively with Outplay Magic Chat

Personalization is a great way to engage prospects. And by adding Outplay Magic chat to your multichannel outreach you do exactly that. You can proactively reach out to prospective customers instead of waiting for them to click the live chat icon on your website

  • Have targeted conversations with prospects that click through your site from one of your outreach attempts. Engaging them via outbound chat, at their highest moment of intent might lead to a demo or even a sale
  • Start a meaningful, engaging, and personalized conversation with a highly pre-qualified prospect that lands on your website to leave a lasting impression 
  • Effectively resolve customer queries, build good relations and see your customer retention rates drastically go up by making your prospects feel like they're dealing with an actual person and not a faceless company.
Engage proactively with prospects using Outplay’s magic chat

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"You promised to help us, work with us, and not stop supporting us until we say we’re successful. This was a massive change from what we were used to with our previous sales engagement platform. This was huge."

Colby Davis
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

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"Every time I bring on new sales reps, they get used to it really quickly and then thrive in it. Most of the reps I bring in are entry-level and haven’t used sales software before. In two or three days they’re booking demos using Outplay."

Sadya Zirkind
Sadya Zirkind

Director of Growth and Partnerships, Four

Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.

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Andrew Morton

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