Pipedrive Outplay Integration

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Pipedrive Outplay Integration to give your sales team the outreach experience

What this integration does

Are you searching for Pipedrive integrations that will help your sales teams book more meetings? You have come to the right place. With true bi-directional sync between Pipedrive and Outplay, you no longer have to import or export your prospects between systems - Outplay will auto-import them. No more manually transferring prospects to specific sequences, they will be auto-enrolled based on the conditions you select. 

What makes Outplay as one of the best Pipedrive integrations for result-oriented outreach is you can take all the data collected from Outplay like email clicks, opens, replies, and more, back to the Pipedrive database to make your prospect data even more useful for further nurturing.

Why use Outplay with Pipedrive

We don't let you waste time on importing prospect

Your prospects on Pipedrive will automatically be saved as prospects on your Outplay account. Just focus on crafting your approach to outreach them.

We make your sequences more intelligent

Select the conditions for which you want your prospects to be divided into different sequences and we will automatically place them there.

Make your Pipedrive data richer and actionable

We automatically send the detailed analytical data from your campaigns back to Pipedrive, so you can target your prospects in a much better way. This integration provides you a true bi-directional flow of data.

Expand your outreach efforts with ease

Our bi-directional sync with Pipedrive means that you only need to update data on contacts, organizations and deals in one place - and have it flow seamlessly to the other. With this integration, you can add prospects into Outplay sequences directly. You can even have all your activities related to emails, call logs, notes, meeting logs, voicemails, and other engagements, synced from Outplay to Pipedrive. Sync specific data by selecting a filter or view that exists on Pipedrive and ta-da! You’re good to go.

Add prospects into sequences directly with Outplay Pipedrive Integration

Manage your activities from a single place

Two tools doesn’t have to mean two times the effort. Outplay’s App Planel and App Actions on Pipedrive helps you manage all your activities from a single place. Get access to all prospect information from Outplay like tags, stage of engagement, email replies and more, right in the app panel on Pipedrive and take the next steps with a few clicks.

Manage your activities in a single place with Outplay Pipedrive integration

Instantly act on prospect engagement with triggers

Set triggers for Outplay activities right from Pipedrive based on a prospect’s engagement. For example, when an email response is received from a prospect, you can set a trigger to move the prospect to the next stage. Simply select the trigger(s) for the activity of your choice and watch those meetings get booked. 

Using Pipedrive Outplay Integration set triggers for activities based on prospect’s engagement

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Why our customers ❤️ us

"Free, enterprise-level support.."

"You promised to help us, work with us, and not stop supporting us until we say we’re successful. This was a massive change from what we were used to with our previous sales engagement platform. This was huge."

Colby Davis
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

"Ramp up in days, not months.."

"Every time I bring on new sales reps, they get used to it really quickly and then thrive in it. Most of the reps I bring in are entry-level and haven’t used sales software before. In two or three days they’re booking demos using Outplay."

Sadya Zirkind
Sadya Zirkind

Director of Growth and Partnerships, Four

Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.

Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton

VP of Sales, now CRO, UserVoice


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