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Brandon Bornancin - 10 secrets to booking 51,927 meetings and how you can too | Accelerate 2021

ByNiharika Ayyagari

Published Feburary 10, 2022

Accelerate 2021 was a 2-day virtual summit that featured 12 sales leaders and coaches, hailing from the hottest B2B companies. An event that brought together the top minds in sales whom everyone loves.

This is a blog series where we cover the speaker's speeches from Accelerate.

Today, we’ll run through Brandon Bornancin’s (CEO, Seamless AI) talk on “10 secrets to booking 51,927 meetings and how you can too”

Summary of the talk

The first secret is to reverse-engineer your goals, to figure out the number of meetings, calls, social touches you need in a day, and then make your daily goal 3x or 5x of it.

Since people barely have their phone numbers changed, make sure you get your prospect’s phone number and email address.

Drop a voicemail after every call, every outreach.

Use the 17-seconds cold-call opener, ask people if they can give you just 17 seconds to drop value. Complement them, then drop the value.

Have scripts ready for every type of rejection, so that you’re ready with some answer as soon as you hear it.

Save your prospect's email signature, since most of them have personal details like their cell phone number.

If you can’t find the prospect’s cell number, then reach out to the people around them. Contact them and ask them how you can connect with the prospect. You can also get a referral from that colleague then.

Use the double callback method to get your prospect to answer the call. Immediately call the prospect after the first unresponsive call, in most cases, they won’t ignore the second call from the same number.

Have a master sales script ready for every situation, so that you’re always prepared.

Display tonality, know when to be excited, appear calm, etc.

Focus on delivering value to your prospects, help them when you can. It’s all about creating urgency,

Go-to formula - RCVSIC = Research, Compliment them, Value proposition, Social proof, Introduction, Call-to-action.


Brandon Bornancin‍

Awesome. What's going on everyone? Happy, happy Tuesday, we're thrilled to be a part of this amazing event. Hopefully, all of you are learning some top sales secrets to apply to maximize your success at, the end of the year and going into 2022. By the way, for all those tuning in, there are 12 sales days left, you take out the holidays, you take everything out 12 sales days left, may the Salesforce be with all of you these next 12 days. And we're thrilled.

Thank you so much for joining us. Pete Rock, let me know any attendees that we got coming in names, you name it, I've got my video guy over here. And as they come in, please feel free to comment to chat to engage with us in the chat, my video guy will be hitting me up reaching out, and we'll be making it happen. So today, we cover the top 10 secrets we use to book 51,927 meetings in 2021.

That's absolutely insane. Our team has been on fire. And I'm thrilled to share with you these sales secrets that you can apply to anything you're doing in sales, development, AE, if you're a sales leader, you name it, all of these secrets, you can apply and leverage to maximize sales, increase leads, appointments, revenue, you name it today. So, let's dive right in and Pete Rock clicker.

Awesome. And like we imagine who's this for CEOs, VPs of sales pays SDRs. Anyone in sales, anyone in marketing, anyone entrepreneurship, anyone that is looking to increase the amount of business that they generate online, offline, you name it, this will help you get there faster.

And for those who don't know me, I'm Brandon Bornancin, the founder and CEO of Seamless.AI, the world's best sales leads. I am a serial entrepreneur and salesperson. So, I started my career selling for the gambling industry. So, I used to slice dice and sell memberships to all the online poker sites when I was 18 in college, and then that blew up to a $12 million business. And then they made online gambling illegal. And I lost my business.

So, I decided to start a second company called N Mobile. And that was text message marketing. I ran that company for a few years. And it was an utter absolute failure, the 12 million that I made through online gambling - I lost within mobile, it was terrible. And all because the reason why this text message software failed in 2007 is that I didn't know how to sell. I didn't know how to sell build lists. I didn't know how to do outreach. I didn't know how to do emails, calling, social selling, you name it.

So, I was like, okay, after I lost everything, I owned, I was like you know what I'm going to sell for the biggest company in the world. IBM interactive, So joined IBM, sold for them for three to four years. And then after that got recruited to sell for Google. And then while I was selling for IBM and Google realized that it was difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to acquire new customers and wanted to build a technology to automate all of that. And that's the company that I represent today. And feel free to connect with me.

I'd love to connect with all of you guys as we go throughout this presentation, post-presentation, please. You know, follow me, connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, you name it. We post daily sales secrets, to maximize your sales success. But to dive in, we're going to dive in furiously. By the way, again, we're using the chat or following the chat.

Make sure please in the chat, let me know your name and the location, and where you’re reaching out from. I'd love to hear from all of you. So please start dropping your name. Your location, Pete Rock hit it with me how we are looking.

Pete Rock‍

Oh, we are looking good. Shout out to David, shout out to Laxman. Shout out to Vamsi, shout out to Suju. Shout out to everybody, dropping your stuff in the chat right now.

Brandon Bornancin‍

Awesome. Thank you so much for jumping into the chat and any questions you have along with the session. Please be sure to engage there. So today, Pete Rock, clicker. Today we are talking about the 10 secrets to booking over 51,927 meetings in 2021.

#1. Reverse engineer your goals‍

You have to reverse engineer your goals. So, if you want to do a million dollars in sales, divide that number by the number of sales days 265 sales days. So, you take the goal, hey, I want to do a million dollars. Divide that by the number of sales days 265. That will give you the number of sales that you need to generate. It's nearly $4,000 a day. It's like 3667 something, okay? Then you have to figure out daily if that's my sales number.

Then you have to figure out how many appointments do I need to hit daily to hit that sales number of roughly 4000 a day. Then after that, you got to figure out how many leads I need to generate, take that sales number, you always want to reverse engineer your goals, figure out what you're going after how many leads, meetings, dials, emails, social touches, do I need, you name it. And then you know, when you're shooting for the stars, I recommend going after 3 to 5x your quota,  3 to 5x, your daily quota.

So, if you want to do a million, you know that you got to generate 4000 in sales a day, make it 12,000. Every time I was able to do it that way, I went from five figures to six figures; six figures is seven figures in sales because I multiplied my daily quota by 3x. By 5x, you name it. That ensures okay, you may miss the 3x number. You may not hit 3 million doing all the calls, the leads, the emails, the social touches the booked appointments, but guess what happens?

You will hit the 1.5x numbers, switch the cameras, you will hit the 2x you will hit the 2.5x. So yes, you may miss the 3x number. But guess what? You hit it, you hit the 1x quota. Because you shot for the 3x quota, you will never miss your quota. Again, if you apply the reverse engineering of your goals, multiplying that quota by three to 5x and never giving up. That's secret number 10.


Secret #9. Get cell phones and emails for all your prospects‍

You got to have everyone working remotely right now. Cell phones are king, you have to figure out a way to get a hold of all of your prospects wherever they're located. To figure out where are they at? How can I get their cell phones? How can I call them? How can I text him? No one's working at the company anymore. WeWork, the IPO, look at the WeWork IPO struggling dramatically, right? Everyone is working remotely, you need to find their cell phones, especially with great resignation, people are switching jobs. This is why we posted that people are switching jobs once a year -  almost the only way to stay in touch with all these people year over year, decade after decade, month over month is by getting their cell phones. And that's mainly because everyone's working from home.

And also, with all the data out there. 89% of people do not change their cell phones because they find it right here. It's a pain to change your phone numbers. They never felt a need to change their phone numbers. So, what's great about once you have a prospects’ cell phone, you've got it forever. No one ever changes their cell phone. So, get their cell phone using or googling or wiggly googly. Whatever you got to do to get the cell phone seamless is going to find it insanely fast. So, join Seamless for free, click the “find button”, and boom, in two seconds, you've got their cell phones, save that to your CRM, and never lose that cell phone ever again.

Common reasons we already went over number eight, secret number eight. By the way, guys, let me know if you've got any questions or comments about these secrets in the chat.

This is the 17-second call opener. So, let's talk about a lot of people trying to say like myths and all this jazz where they're like the phone doesn't work. Selling over the phone doesn't work. Calling doesn't work. No matter what you do. If you try to use a cell phone, no one's gonna pick up blah, blah. The majority of the 51,000 calls 51,000 appointments that we've generated are because of using the phone. You know how easy it is to delete an email, you know, easy it is to delete a LinkedIn message. I get 1000 emails a week, probably more than that. I think it's way more than my LinkedIn. I have two to three people that manage my LinkedIn because of how many people messaged me, guess how many calls I've had today. I've had three to four sales calls today. I probably get 20 to 40 LinkedIn messages an hour. The phone is one of the most powerful channels in the world of leverage. But you got to get through to get to the contacts and get the contact to get excited about you.

So, my favorite opener I want to share this little sales secret with you. My favorite sales call opener is a compliment and then asking for the 17 seconds. “Hey, Pete Rock, I love the video editing that you do. It's seamless, huge fan. Congrats. Can I get 17 seconds really quick?” Guess what happens? First off, whether it's 17, 27, 37 - I like using 17 to 27 seconds. I may switch it up every now and then. But I love the number seven and every time I've used can I get 17 seconds really quick. 99.9999% will say yes for sure. Shoot. I am busy but go. Because even if you're busy and you don't want to talk to anyone, you're still gonna be like wow, 17 seconds, I'll give it to you. Let's roll.

Boom, that so when you're on the phone, the number one key is to not sound like a salesperson, you got to get through the door, you got to get them to open and listen to your sales pitch. Well, the only way to do that is by using the 17-second call opener. It's my number one secret. For anyone that's too busy. Anyone that's making calls. Anytime you're using the phone to sell to anyone, anything, I highly recommend using the 17 seconds. Hey, John, you got 17 seconds really quick. But first, always open it up with a compliment. You want to use a compliment, because every time you compliment someone, hey, I love that dress. Hey, you look pretty, Brandon, your suit looks amazing. Guess what happens? The guards go down. So literally you're like more open, you're psychologically more interested in talking to the person. You're more receptive to whatever these people have to say. And then you hit them with the 17 seconds. Compliment. I always like to use the day of the week. Hey, John, happy Monday. I love everything you're doing over there at blank. Can I get 17 seconds really quick? They always say yes. And then you got to go into your value proposition pitch, which should be highly customized to the niche and the person and the companies that you're selling to.

That was secret number eight, we went into a lot of detail there. Let me know if you got any questions. Pete Rock, start reading out some of the ads, some of the things going on, as you see highlights. Sorry, guys, we got my computer over there. So, as we see anything important in the chat, q&a, interactions, shout them out. And we'll rock and roll and then hit the thing on the screen. Alright, so this is highly controversial, but I’m on everything you do. You have to leave a voicemail, you gotta leave a voicemail. But could you imagine, you know, I used to do door-to-door sales, I used to do tele-calling tele-prospecting, like for nonprofits when I was 13, 14, 15 years old. And I couldn't imagine going door to door as a door-to-door salesperson knocking on doors. And if they're not home, doing nothing, leaving nothing, not sharing more information with them, you name it. So, whenever I would go sell door to door and I was the number one door-to-door salesperson as a kid, I would leave a nice little package, a nice little letter, a nice pitch with the letter and the info on the door handle. And I would put it on the door handle so that they have to remove it. So, they can't even enter their house until they rip it off the door handle.

So, when I was going door to door, I would leave these pitches basically an impression and ad for my products and services and my contact info for them to reach out to me about whatever I was trying to sell. Well, when you're calling and selling, you got to make sure you drop voicemails and voice messages. Because if you're calling and you're not telling them who you are the biggest desires, the biggest goals, the biggest dreams, the biggest things that you could deliver for these prospects to change their lives forever for the better. They're not going to be able to call you back. How am I going to call you back? If you call me? I don't answer because I'm at this presentation at a conference. You don't leave a voicemail. I don't know if you call me. I have no idea who you are what you do. But let's just say, you know right now, we've got like multiple computers here running this conference thing. If you're like, hey, I got an event solution where you can have one computer, you control everything, you can see the chat, you can see the monitors, blah, blah, blah, give me a call. I know you're doing live events. When I get out of this event, I'm going to call that person because I'm going to be like my video guys. And we need to figure this out. It's a game over make sure you drop voicemails on every single call you make, get the maximum number of impressions into your prospects to hit that X button.

Pete Rock
I got a question here from the audience, from Michelle, she's asking usually people get offended when you reach out to them on their personal phone number.

Brandon Bornancin
Okay, so the question was if you didn't hear what Michelle say, sometimes people get offended if you reach out to them on their cell phones. I've got a product and service that will fundamentally change your life forever for the better. I have to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to connect with you. You know, if I'm a doctor and I created a pill that cured a deadly disease, and I'm trying to reach out to you and get a hold of you at your company and I can't get through. Then as the doctor, I better be doing everything I can to save your life. I'm going to call your cell phone; I'm going to text you, I'm going to email you,  I'm going to use every single channel possible. Because of what I have, I know your life would be forever for the better. And I have to do whatever it takes to reach you on whatever channel that I could reach you on. So, I think anyone that you get upset, Michelle, about you calling on their cell or their personal lines. Like we made almost a million sales calls. You know this past year like, rarely does anyone get pissed and if they do get pesters, apologize. Oh, sorry. There's a phone number I had, you know, to reach you and I know that this will change your life forever for the better and then go into the pitch on why they should take 20 seconds, 30 seconds 50 seconds to learn more from you. So don't feel worried. Like, you know, everyone gives you all these objections, right, everyone's going to tell you I'm not interested, there’s no budget, it's too expensive, already working with someone, send more info, call me back later. Or why are you calling on my cell phone? So, for any of these objections, or excuses, make sure you have just really good scripts lined up so that you can easily overcome that if it comes up again. So, again, another great way to use voicemails is literally on LinkedIn. So, you can record a video, you can record audio and drop it on Linkedin.

So, the next time that they're on LinkedIn, they see the emails, they see the voicemails, they see the video voice message on InMail on LinkedIn. So cut through the all the noise of like, I get a million text messages on LinkedIn, like text, emails, the videos, I watch 100% of the time, every single video that anyone has ever sent me on LinkedIn, I've pulled up and I've watched. And, you know, you want to make sure that you keep them short, concise, under 60 seconds, ideally, like 30 seconds, just straight to the point. “Hey, John, I can help you. You don't do X in y timeframe, here's how to reach out to me, you know, get back to me with a few times that work for you. Drop your cell phone. “ I like to either ask them for time, or I like to add the call to action by asking for their mobile or a good time to shoot them attacks with more info, you name it, and then they'll get back to you.

Number six, email signature saving. So, what you want to do here is if you've got Seamless will automatically save every single email that gets sent to you. So literally every email that gets sent to you, you could save the email signatures, then those email signatures automatically get piped into your CRM. And why that's critical is you never want to lose a contact ever again. You never want to lose a connection with anyone ever again. If people are jumping ship, every year you name it, email signatures have some of the highest amounts of cell phones out there in the email signature. You don't want any of you to have to sit there and copy and paste email signatures all day every day. Seamless, will save all the email signatures and you'll be off to the races? Clicker thing. All right, cool.

It's secret number five. No cell? Then hey, start calling other contacts at the company. So, this is a great secret that works. If you no matter what, can't find the person's cell phone, can't connect with the person at a highly valuable important account, right? If you're trying to break into an account, let's just say Nike, Adobe, Google, Facebook, IBM, whatever. And you know that the VP of X is John Smith, no matter how many calls, emails, social touches you do, you can't get a hold of them. I recommend calling a colleague below them or around them, call the influencers, the decision-makers, the budget holders, the people around them, the users. And then when you're reaching out to these people say “Hey, Pete Rock man, I was dying to get a hold of John Smith, I've got some important tool that he needs to see. What's the best direct line for him? What's the best cell for him? What's the best email for him, you name it?” And that way, you know, you could easily get the referral from that colleague, and you get the direct contact info for that person. So, you got to leverage the people around your center of circle, wherever you want to go to whoever you need to book a meeting with. If no matter what you do, it's not working, use and leverage relationships with the prospect and the people around them to get to where you need to go.

Right, so, number four, the double callback. So, this is a new sales secret. Literally when you're on the phone, what you want to do is let's just say you call someone - it goes to their voicemail pretty quickly. When you call them back right away, you have a highly greater likelihood that they will pick up the phone, important prospects that I'm dying to reach out to. When I call them once and it goes to voicemail or no one picks up, I literally call back again right away. And then they'll answer, and I go into my compliment, I go with my 17-second opener, then you know, I go into the value propositions. So that's the double callback If you call and no one picks up the call again, make it happen. You know, it's common for people to ignore unknown first calls, but it's not uncommon for them to ignore two calls, called back-to-back. So I highly recommend this. You know, especially for those prospects that no matter what you do, you can't get ahold of and you can't connect with.

Secret number three is, we got to build master sales scripts, like your cold call openers, your cold email openers, your social openers. Scripting works when you go to any movie. So, like, Red Notice with Dwayne the Rock Johnson -  Red Notice literally is the number one most popular movie on Netflix. Do you think Dwayne the Rock Johnson goes and shoots that video without knowing what to say? He doesn't go on to say okay, guys, what do you want me to say here? Let me know what you know, you think I should do or say or act like here for this scene. Now the guy has a script 1000 pages long. And he's memorizing every single line every day. The guy trains on these scripts, hours and hours a day for every movie. That's why he's so good. Because when he's acting, he's got all of the scripts memorized. So, no matter what happens, he's ready to go, he's ready to crush the scene.

And the same secret applies to salespeople. Highly recommend making sure you memorize and watch your scripts. Clicker, okay. Um, you and also when you're leveraging scripts and reaching out to people, we help x do y. Like we help the persona, do Y's biggest desire. So, we help salespeople book three appointments a day, insanely fast without endless manual list building prospecting, CRM data entry appointment setting, like you want to really focus on the pitch and the scripts around the persona. And then their biggest problems, their biggest pain points or biggest challenges their biggest desires, their biggest dreams. And why could be a mixture of all of those. Like if you focus on the pain and the problem, you could be like hey, we help X eliminate the biggest pain points, biggest problems, biggest challenges, biggest stress, biggest thing that keeps him up at night, you name it. So, you always want to leverage that we help x do y, y could be eliminating a pain or y could be achieving their biggest goals their biggest dreams, their biggest desires.

Number two, when you're pitching and pitch verbally in calls, emails, social touches video, whatever it is, make sure that you're leveraging tonality, you got to leverage the power of tonality you got to come in, get people excited, figure out when you got to slow down to exude a point, an important point about a feature or functionality. Or maybe you're sharing your origin story and there were a lot of highs and a lot of lows. The power of tonality helps you engage, interact, connect with an audience as you tell the story in your pitch about where the prospect is today. We're going to take them into the future. How are you going to help them accomplish all of their goals and dreams? How are you going to eliminate all of their pains and problems and challenges? Tonality allows you to connect with a prospect.

Could you imagine if I was on this thing saying “Hello, this is Brandon Bornancin, I'm the CEO of, we deliver the world's best sales leads. I would like to set up an appointment with you. Let's book an appointment right now. I'm available tomorrow at 12, 2, and 4.” Guys see, some sales development reps, some AEs are on the demos, or they're making the sales cold sounding like that. You have to leverage tonality to exude like I've got 1,000% belief in my products and services. I believe wholeheartedly that this will change your life forever for the better, that my tone, that confidence, that energy, that passion, that belief. Nothing will change my belief. That tonality helps people buy into your products and services, you got to leverage maximum tonality on every call, on every demo, on every pitch. It's absolutely critical. It's just not what you say. It's how you say it. How can two people say the exact same thing, but one books 10 appointments a day, and the other books zero. It's all because they mastered the script. It's all because they're leveraging tonality. They're doing whatever it takes to make it happen. And when you're practicing all of these scripts, you can really focus on the tonality, you can focus on the connection with the audience, you can focus on winning, you could listen to right, you call very calmly confident, and in a comfortable manner,  because you're listening and you're listening to help them solve their problems so that they win in sales.

Pete Rock
There is a question, it takes up to six calls before a prospect turns into a sale. Is this true?

Brandon Bornancin
Great question. So, Cherry asked, it can take up to six calls for a prospect to turn into a sale. I’ve seen 52 calls, you know, I believe in sales. Great question. By the way Cherry. Thanks. Thanks for asking it and thank you all, for all you for tuning in to the presentation today. Love that you're engaging and interacting with the chat. So, here's the deal. Yeah, it could take six, it could take 1, it could take 50. Just play the long game, like sales is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on delivering value to your prospects, helping them change their lives forever, for the better. And over time, when there's a need for them for your products and services, they will reach out to you, or the next time you hit them up, they will be interested. Like the goal is how do I create an editorial calendar of a year 365 days where every other day, every three days, I'm dropping value, I'm dropping knowledge, I'm helping them change their life forever, for the better. So, it can take a long time, but could also take a short time. I've spent hundreds of 1000s of dollars on a cold call, cold visit. You know whether it's software technology, cars, houses, like you name it, big deal, small deals, they could take one call, they could take 100 calls. It's funny, sometimes people will spend more time on a super low-ticket deal than they actually will on a large deal. And you could sell the large deals faster and easier than you could the small deals. Because the people are they're spending very little money. They're overanalyzing that every second of every day because they don't have a lot of money. But you go to them, you pitch them, whatever you've got, you showcase the value, I think it's all about creating the urgency, the value, the results, the pain that you could eliminate or deliver. And then that will maximize their interest in working with you.

All right, RCVSIC. So, this is how I recommend you write and develop all of your pitches. So, when you're developing all of your pitches, RCVSIC, is the best way to write all of your scripts, whether it's cold calls, emails, social touches, you name it.

So, number one, R, is research. You want to research the contact in the company before you reach out to him, before you hit him up on email, call whatever number to compliment. We talked a lot about this. C, in the RCVSIC, the C stands for the compliment you want to drop about the context of the company. The first sentence of your email, or the first sentence of your social message. There's always something that a company is doing. That is awesome. Bring that to light, bring it to the forefront, talk about it and bring it up. Everyone's got something special. So mentioned the compliment. V stands for value proposition, you want to deliver a compelling life-changing value proposition statement, we help x do y without w or l like where x equals the persona. Y equals the biggest desired result. W equals pain one z equals pain two, you know so like we help x do Y without W or Z.

We help sales development reps flood their calendar or back-to-back appointments on the hour every hour without wasting half their day on manual list building or endless CRM data entry. Like that would be a way that I would write a value proposition if I was selling Seamless to SDRs. You want to deliver a compelling life-changing value prop statement in all of your outreach. Next, the fourth part of the perfect sales pitch and perfect sales email is S, social proof, and credibility. Your logos, social proof, are like the case studies. This is the result. So, show social proof is the logos, the case studies, the success stories, the testimonials, you want to drop a bunch of these after you pitch the value proposition. And then next, I always recommend saving the introduction for last. Like no one cares about you or me. Like, all they care about is themselves - what's in it for me? “WIIFM, I love to tune in that radio station, by the way, Pete Rock, I tune in WIIFM every day of the week.” What's in it for me when people call me to pitch me unnecessary things, like, what is in it for me? What is it for my company? What is it for my people? Why should I invest my time, my energy, my capital, my resources, you know anything, why my headspace, in learning more? So, when you're writing the RCVSIC perfect email pitch, perfect sales pitch, I always recommend saving the introduction for last, because no one gives a shit about you or your name or your company, they only care about what you can do for them.

So, this way, though, when it's at the end of the script after you get them hooked with the compliment, and the research and the value prop and the social proof, then they're going to be interested in learning more. And they're gonna be like, who is this person? Like, how do they know so much about me? And how do they know how to change my business forever for the better, I got to reach out to them and then boom, you hit him with the intro, your contact info. And then lastly, call to action is the C in RCVSIC, C stands for one call to action. Don't ask them for an appointment, their contact info to download a white paper, don't ask them to do multiple things. Just one call to action. Hey, let's pencil in a quick chat. When you are available. Hey, let me get you a free trial of the software. Here's the link. Hey, here's the white paper, you name it, just one call to action. And then they'll be off to the races. And when you leverage the research to compliment the value proposition, the social proof, the introduction, the call to action - your conversion rates are going to skyrocket. Because every single person that reads your emails, reads your outreach, they're going to be highly interested in meeting with you to learn more. So, in conclusion to the 10 secrets that helped us book over 50,000 something appointments, I have my Salesforce guy pull this yesterday.

Number one, reverse engineer your goals. Number two, get cell phones for all of your prospects. They're not changing their numbers, get on a platform like Seamless.AI for free to do that. Number three when you're calling these prospects, leverage the 17-second call opener. Number four, drop a voicemail on every call, every outreach. Number five, save all the email signatures and get that auto imported into your CRM. Make sure you never miss an important contact ever again, you could use seamless, or you know copy and paste it, whatever works best for you. Number six, if you can't connect with them, the cell phone the email, whatever, call a colleague, phone a colleague, work around them, figure out what you need to do to get that referral. Get in touch with them no matter what. Number seven, the double callback, you call it immediately goes to voicemail or is ignored, call back again. See if that works. Number eight, you got a master leverage, get excited about using sales scripts. Also, you want to write sales scripts for all of the sales objections that you ever encounter. Number nine tonality, so now it's not what you say. But it's how you say it. You got to know how to say it. And then lastly, our RCVSIC to book the meetings, leverage this formula, our RCVSIC in all of your templates and all of your outreach and all of your calls, your emails, your social touches, research, compliment, value prop social proof, introduction and then add the call to action - RCVSIC.

That's it, everyone. Hey, thank you so much for tuning in to today's session with your host Brandon Bornancin, CEO and founder of As a special gift for tuning in, I want to help you find emails, cell phones, and insights for every single person in the world that you need to sell to, I want to help you automate all of the endless list building of your prospects. Your CRM data entry, your appointment setting work. Go to for free, and use the referral code.

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David Youngblood

Absolutely amazing session. Brandon, thanks so much for joining. Alright, everyone. We are going to go to the lobby, get ready to transition for our next session.


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