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Convert Your Leads From Slack - Introducing Outplay’s Native Slack Integration

ByAbinaya Sivaguru

Published August 4, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now integrate your Slack account with Outplay. We’ve partnered with Slack to provide a simple, hassle-free integration within Outplay - the easiest way to start closing deals from your favorite app.

With the two-way integration, you can now get instant notifications in Slack, you can respond, qualify and close from there too, saving you precious time and increasing your chances of conversion.

Instead of wasting time switching between tools, you can reply from the app you already have open all day, and speed up your response time – particularly important in sales where a few minutes delay could be the difference between engaging a lead while they’re on your site and ready to buy, and losing them, possibly forever. 

Talking with your leads from the same place you already use to talk with your teammates will not only save time but also make those conversations feel more natural and personal too. 

Here’s what you can do:

Never miss an opportunity with real-time Slack notifications

Real-time notifications in Slack means you’ll never miss an opportunity, even when you’re on the go. You’ll know instantly about new leads, replies to email, SMS, call or when a lead lands on your website – you can choose what to be notified about, in which channels, based on your configuration in Outplay. This way, you ensure the right notifications go to the right people and your Slack doesn’t get too noisy.

Respond instantly from Slack

Once you get a notification on Slack, you can respond right from Slack – no need to waste time switching between tools, so you can focus on closing deals and without worrying about which app you’re using.

And just like in Outplay, it’s easy to keep the conversations fun and personal with gifs, emojis and attachments – and it’s easy to loop in your teammates too with a simple @mention. 

Work from your favorite app

Create and edit tasks, prospects, opportunities, accounts all from Slack. You can work from Slack the way you’d work in Outplay. All your activities are seamlessly synced between Outplay and Slack.

Any other tools you have synced with Outplay, such as Salesforce will be automatically updated too, so you can capture the data you’re collecting without having to update multiple tools. Whether it is logging call notes, changing deal stages or adding next steps, you can do it all on Slack.

Speed up your sales deals with deal rooms

Create deal rooms for every new sales deal on Slack, looping all key stakeholders. This gives everyone involved visibility into the deals and enables them to add the necessary value. The cross-functional collaboration further speeds up deals and increases close rates. You also save time as you update the deal progress on Outplay from Slack.

Assign sequences on Slack

Every time you get in touch with a new prospect, assign Outplay sequences to them right on Slack - without switching to Outplay. Not only do you save time but also maximize your productivity as you pursue new opportunities and engage prospects across channels during that time.

Outplay-Slack integration makes your workflows more efficient and makes it much more easy to respond to prospects instantly, increasing your chances and speed of conversion.

Find out more about the integration here.