We built Outplay for sales teams. Our success is in the success of the sales teams who drive real results using our platform. That’s why we celebrate when we’re awarded badges by G2. Because it’s our customers and our community that got us here. And this time we’re celebrating extra hard because our list of G2 awards is extra long. We’ve made it on 34 - that’s right 34 - of G2’s Spring 2023 reports and we’re so proud of them all. We wanted to list a couple of those down for you to give you a teaser of our platform and our philosophy.

#1Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Sales Engagement | Spring 2023

This is a special one for us. Being a momentum leader is a direct reflection of our presence in the market. But more importantly, it means that our presence rides on the back of product satisfaction. As a multi use case all-in-one solution, our goal is to help sales teams consolidate their core activities across the sales cycle onto a single platform. We bring together prospecting, multi-channel engagement, inbound lead conversion, scheduling, and AI-powered conversational intelligence and coaching to ensure that salespeople have no friction and inefficiencies while doing what they do best. We’re so thrilled that our mission to simplify sales and accelerate revenue growth is on track. Because we’re not just Momentum Leaders but we’ve also managed a top 25% Momentum Grid® score. It’s only onwards and upwards from here!

#2 - Leader in the Grid® Report for Sales Engagement | Spring 2023

We’re also leaders on the Grid Report for Sales Engagement this year - a result of high G2 ratings and strong market presence scores. Our company was built on the strength of not just our product but also our people. Our people haven’t just built a great product and taken it out to the world, but they're also deeply dedicated to ensuring the success of the sales teams that use it. Our commitment to customer service has been unshakable since day 1. From implementation to onboarding and adoption - we’re there every step of the way. And our strong G2 reviews speak volumes to that. As we continue redefining sales tech with AI powered features, the one thing that’ll remain constant is this - we’ll be there for you. No queues, no runarounds. 


#3 - Leader in the Asia Regional Grid® Report for Sales Engagement | Spring 2023

According to the LinkedIn State of Sales Report, 97% of surveyed selles in the APAC region said that sales engagement tech is crucial to sales success. We agree. And we’re proud to be the sales tech of choice for over 6000 salespeople. In addition to the benefit of a single platform sales process, we also love creating nifty time-saving features. Like our AI and ChatGPT powered Magic Mail, which helps teams craft the perfect sequence in minutes. Or our Chrome Extension Outplay Connect that lets you prospect and perform your engagement tasks with a single click. If there’s any step in the sales process that can be simplified, automated or streamlined - we want to make it happen.

#4 - Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Email Tracking | Spring 2023

Here’s another list that we’ve captured a top 25% Momentum Grid® score. We’re predominantly living through a digital-first sales ecosystem. However, cold calls are far from dead. Crunchbase data even shows that 69% of potential buyers have accepted cold calls from new providers. With the right tool, calls can be a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal. And we’re thrilled to be considered that. Our dialer, much-like the rest of our platform, is modern and intuitive. From allowing you to coach your team in real-time with live monitoring or increasing pick-up rates with Local Dial, there are some incredible things you can get done. And that’s not all. There’s powerful call automation in the form of our Power Dialer. This helps you speed through your list by automatically dialing the next prospect after each call, skipping to the next call when a prospect is unavailable or leaving a pre-configured pre-recorded voice message.


#5 - Momemtum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Email Tracking | Spring 2023

Another top 25% Momentum Grid® score! Emails are the actual pillars of sales engagement and having the right data about your email campaigns can make or break your sales process. Which is why go beyond tracking open and replies. We have a live feed for reply detection to make sure your team loses no time in acting on replies. But this is where things get cool. With our Magic Chat you are notified as soon as prospects show up on your website so that you can have real-time, contextual conversations with them. Tracking your prospects’ page visits is also a great way to understand their journeys and personalize your conversations accordingly. 


These are just 5 of the 34 recognitions we proudly received from G2. If you’re curious about the rest, or our roadmap or about real use-cases or thoughts from our community just holler at us on our LinkedIn or to our support ID. If you’re excited about our platform and it sounds like something you’ve been looking for, book your personalized demo to explore. Or start a free trial right away.