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How AI is Transforming Sales Email Writing

udit thakur

ByUdit Thakur

Published September 23, 2022

How AI is Transforming Sales Email Writing

Do you ever look at your overflowing inbox and wish you could just wave a magic wand and have all the replies written for you? While that technology does not yet exist, Artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing some aspects of email writing.

Sales people are always looking for new ways to increase their productivity and effectiveness. And AI is helping them to do just that. AI is being used to help sales people write better emails. It can help to identify the key points that need to be included in an email, and also help to write the email in a way that is most likely to get a positive response from the recipient. In addition, AI can help to track and manage email conversations, so that sales people can follow up more effectively. And it can also help to automate some of the more repetitive tasks associated with sales, such as sending follow-up emails and scheduling appointments.

If you send a prospect a sales email. ​They don't even bother to open it. ​That is all there is to it. The narrative comes to a close.

If a prospect does not open the email, the offer is effectively dead before it starts. They will not read your value proposition, grasp how your firm can assist them in growing, or offer you the opportunity to warm them up to the notion of purchasing your product or service. A sale starts with an email, regardless of your sales technique. With just 17% of emails being opened across all sectors, it's critical to craft engaging, actionable content that encourages people to click. Although it may appear easy, an opened email may lead to a won transaction. 

What If I told you that you can just write a single line of prompt and let AI do the rest for you by completing the prompt into a full fledged email? Sounds interesting, right? Alright, let’s try it then - here goes my prompt…

Write a long sales pitch to sell a pen ✍🏻


sell me this pen

Here’s what the AI generated 🤯

“This pen is the perfect way to make sure that you always have a writing utensil on hand. It is small and light enough to carry around with you wherever you go, but it also has a sleek and professional look that makes it perfect for use in any setting. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting or jotting down a grocery list, this pen will make sure that you always have a way to write down whatever you need. 

The pen is made of high-quality materials that are designed to last. The ink is smooth and consistent, so you can always count on it to produce clean and legible writing. The pen also has a comfortable grip that makes it easy and enjoyable to use for extended periods of time. 

Investing in this pen is a great way to make sure that you always have a writing utensil on hand that you can rely on. It is an essential tool that will make your life easier and more convenient. Order your pen today and you will be sure to be impressed with its quality and performance.”

It was just a single line of prompt! Imagine yourself writing just the subject lines and relying on AI to complete the email and send it for you. Although it seems doable the catch here is the subjectiveness of the email. You don’t want AI to write an off-context email. This means that it may be difficult to train the AI to write an email that is contextually accurate. To overcome this challenge, you may need to use a large amount of data that covers a variety of email subject lines. 


AI in Sales


Conclusion 🤖

The industry of sales technology is always changing and improving. This means that companies have to be constantly adapting in order to stay ahead of the curve. In order to be the best, sales teams need to use the best technology available. The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from. The bad news is that it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to stay informed. Read industry news, attend conferences, and talk to other salespeople. By doing this, you’ll be able to find out about the latest sales technology and how it can help you close more deals.