It's a dark, rainy evening with constant thunder and lightning. You're done with your day and are ready to curl up under the blanket with a good movie. While you contemplate what you're in the mood for, the power goes out, leaving you in an eerie darkness and chill.

You listen in closely - the clock is ticking away, the kitchen tap is dripping one drop at a time, and the wind is howling right outside. Then suddenly, your phone rings loudly startling you like jump scares in horror movies. You quickly regain your wits about you and answer the call - it's your boss and they're not happy. cue scary thunder sounds

Okay, we didn't mean to scare you there but the Halloween spirits have taken over, so we've been on a horror movie marathon. They made us realise that there are so many hidden sales lessons in these movies, so we decided to get cracking. Here we go!

Lesson 1

Stay away from the deserted house. Why would you enter a house that is known to be haunted or looks like it houses zombies? What we mean to say here is to stay away from shady businesses. Stick to your ideal customer profile, research well, and run away from companies that look run down or are behaving suspiciously. If you do end up dealing with one, tell them no and get rid of them. And make sure you finish the job because you don't want them to come back to haunt you (like Billy Loomis in Scream).

Lesson 2

Stick together with your team. Why do people in horror movies always split up and go their separate ways? It never ends well. So, use your team for support because you're not alone in this. They're probably going through the same scary feeling as you, so count on them. Just take a clue from the Ghostbusters or the Scooby Doo gang (okay, except Velma) - but they always work together and win.

Lesson 3

Make sure you have the right tools to get out alive. You don't want to break down in the middle of a forest or not have any network while you're stuck in a creepy hotel. It's the same will sales - use the right tools to sell well so that you don't fall short on your numbers. It could be a simple note-taking software, a meeting scheduler, or a sales engagement platform - as long as it saves time and effort.

Lesson 4

Call the experts when it's time. Exactly like how the Perron family in The Conjuring reaches out to Ed and Lorraine Warren when they have run-ins with the paranormal world. So, if the cold calling script isn't working, your email sequence isn't performing well, or you are low on motivation - reach out to your manager. They'll know what to do or how to guide you. It's better than having the ghosts drive you crazy.

Lesson 5

Dress the part because how else will you scare someone into buying? Imagine if the Scream mask didn't exist or the lady in The Ring didn't have the battered white gown and long hair covering her face? It just wouldn't have the same impact. In the same way, if you don't dress up professionally for your sales meetings (online or offline), you won't be selling to your fullest potential.

That's about it for now. We'll be back with more lessons if we find any thorough our marathon. Till then, go be scary and have a great sold-out Halloween.

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