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Introducing Outplay Connect, the new Chrome extension by Outplay

ByAbinaya Sivaguru

Published August 30, 2021

Say hello to Outplay Connect, the all-new Chrome extension by Outplay

With Outplay Connect, you can ramp up your sales reps’ productivity and book more meetings on the go, 

Capture prospect details in a single click

Capture prospect insights from their email response on Gmail or LinkedIn profile—we’re talking verified emails, phone numbers, any relevant data available— from your Chrome browser into Outplay. You can add new prospects to your Outplay account with a single click.

Once captured, you can view these prospect details right within Outplay Connect. You can add or modify details, send emails, make a call, and even assign a prospect to a sequence right from within the Chrome extension.

Zoom through daily tasks

Your reps can perform their daily outbound activities— sending emails, cold calling prospects, and complete their tasks right within Outplay Connect. They don’t even have to go to their Outplay account to do this, they can literally carry their Outplay account to any Chrome web page.

Win big with context

Whether your reps are checking their Gmail or researching a high-value account on LinkedIn, they can engage prospects and book more meetings without switching tabs and losing context.

Why we built Outplay Connect

‍On average SDRs spend just 34% of their time actually selling. The rest of the time, reps are weighed down by non-revenue generating tasks.

According to HubSpot, 21% of sellers’ time goes toward writing emails, while prospecting and data entry each account for 17% of working hours.

Whether they’re prospecting, re-entering data, or shooting off emails, chances are, your reps handle all these “non-sales activities” directly from the browser. And if you’re a Chrome user (like 60% of internet users), a Chrome extension can help you get more mileage out of your tech stack—and give you some time back.

If your sales reps are anything like me, they probably always have multiple tabs open in their Chrome browser and are flipping back and forth between tabs, which is a nightmare!

If your sales reps are on a page that has interesting information that sparks a conversation topic or has the contact info of a new prospect, they don’t have to bother trying to find the right Gmail tab anymore – with Outplay’s Chrome extension, your reps can engage and sell right from Outplay Connect!

Prospect faster, outplay your competition

Whether they are checking their emails, or looking up a high-value prospect on LinkedIn, your reps’ can engage prospects and book more meetings without switching tabs and losing context.

Some extensions can help you save time, others can capture data in a single click and sync insights back to your sales engagement tool or CRM. Outplay Connect does both, while also helping you prospect way faster.

Prospect faster and get more done with Outplay Connect, a dependable sidekick to your sales superheroes!

Get the Chrome extension here.