Who doesn’t love the holiday season? It’s your time to step away from work for a while, surround yourself with your loved ones, good food and mood or even have a sip of your fanciest drink and unwind.

With the season of good wishes and cheer almost here, the team at Outplay joins me in wishing you all a very warm and merry Christmas. And I hope that the high spirits and happiness move along with you in the next year as well.

When we talk about Christmas, I’m always reminded of spreading positivity and showering folks with gifts - basically becoming someone’s Santa. And at Outplay, we started doing that right at the start of this year, since we didn’t want to wait for Christmas.

For us, it is always Christmas at Outplay! We wanted to appreciate our teammates and make their day by sending them something from their wishlist, at any given time. 💝

Of course, that didn’t mean we’re not celebrating Christmas. We had one more opportunity to send our teammates something they like, and we took it! So, it wasn’t just ‘Secret Outplayer’, but we also participated in ‘Secret Santa’! And that’s an entire year of good cheer and joy.

Here are a few gifts that Outplayers got:

Image 2.png

These aren’t just gifts, but they’re also a chance to call out the hard work of an employee and use this as a platform to appreciate them. Your employees feeling valued and respected is the best present. That’s exactly what we’re always striving to achieve at Outplay.

And if this does seem like something you want to be a part of, head over to our careers page and see how you can become an Outplayer as well: Careers page.

Happy holidays! 🎄