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Revolutionize Your Hiring Success With The Power Of Automation

ByPratik Jain

Published Feburary 9, 2024

recruitment automation

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where every interaction counts, the integration of Outplay and Crelate stands out as a dynamic duo, combining efficiency with advanced automation. 

Explore the advanced parameters of this integration, including dynamic sequencing, intelligent handling of candidate interactions, and a unique one-time configuration feature that streamlines communication for entire jobs’ sequences. 

Recruiters can now seamlessly manage their workflow and stay updated, whether they are working in Outplay or Crelate.

Advanced Integration Features for Seamless Recruitment Automation

1. Dynamic Sequencing Based on Job Stage Changes:

As candidates progress through different Job Contact Stages in Crelate, the integration ensures that the configured sequences in Outplay adapt dynamically. 

For example, if a candidate's Job Stage changes to 'Offer Extended,' the connected sequence in Outplay will automatically conclude, providing recruiters with a responsive and tailored communication strategy.

2. Pausing Sequences for Strategic Communication:

Recruiters can strategically pause sequences in Outplay based on specific Job Stages in Crelate. Whether a candidate is in the 'Interview Pending' or 'Reference Check' stage, recruiters can ensure that the communication aligns with the candidate's current position in the recruitment process.

3. Dynamic Job Stage Updates on Bounce and Reply:

The integration introduces dynamic Job Stage updates in Crelate based on candidate interactions in Outplay. A bounced email can prompt an automatic change in the Contact Job Stage in Crelate, streamlining record-keeping and ensuring that recruiters are always working with the most up-to-date information.

4. Seamless Job Stage Transitions on Sequence Completion:

Upon completing a sequence in Outplay, the integration automatically updates the Contact Job Stage in Crelate to align with the configured option. This one-time configuration ensures that every candidate in the job follows the same progression path, simplifying the recruiter's workflow and maintaining consistency in communication.

5. Opt-Out Management for a Respectful Candidate Experience:

When a prospect opts out in Outplay, the integration automatically updates the Contact Job Stage in Crelate to a configured option. This not only respects the candidate's communication preferences but also ensures that the entire recruitment team is informed of the candidate's status.

6. Intelligent Handling of Opt-Outs and Contact Record Status:

The integration extends its capabilities to manage Contact Record Status in Crelate. If a prospect's Contact Record Status aligns with specific criteria, Outplay can mark the prospect as opt-out, fostering a streamlined communication process and maintaining a clean and updated database.

7. One-Time Configuration for Job-Connected Sequences:

One of the standout features of this integration is the one-time configuration for sequences connected to a job. Recruiters can set up the communication strategy for an entire job in one go, ensuring that all candidates in that job automatically follow the configured options. This not only saves time but also provides a consistent and organized approach to candidate communication.

Orchestrate Precise and Consistent Hiring Success with Outplay and Crelate

The integration of Outplay and Crelate, with its advanced automation parameters and unique one-time configuration for job-connected sequences, revolutionizes the recruitment process. 

Recruiters can now navigate seamlessly between Outplay and Crelate, staying updated and ensuring every candidate receives personalized and timely communication. 

As the recruitment landscape evolves, embracing such innovative solutions becomes imperative for those aiming to excel in talent acquisition.

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