Mastering the Art of Cold Calling: B2B Sales

Are cold calls still relevant with the emergence of newer digital selling methods?

YES. Research shows that 41.2% of top sales folks still opt for cold calls in their outreach. But how do you get all that time and effort spent to pay off? How do you turn your calls into meetings and impact revenue growth?

This ebook gives you the answers in the form of proven tips, tricks and scripts that actually worked!

P.S. - We’ve packed in a whole bunch of real-life cold call recordings that got those meetings booked. You’re welcome!

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What's in the ebook

  • Essential tips to keep in mind to increase the success rate of your cold calls
  • Openers for a variety of scenarios that we’ve seen book meetings
  • Real-life cold calls recordings that worked, to help you replicate winning scripts
  • Outplay's ebook on mastering the art of cold calling b2b sales