30+ Companies Share Their Killer Outbound Sales Sequences

Do you know how some of the fastest growing brands are drafting and running their sales sequences? Do you wish you could take a peek into real life sequences that actually got the results?

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After a ton of hard work, we’ve managed to get 30 real life, raw and real sales sequences of some of your favorite companies including G2, Hubspot, Drift, LeadIQ, and so many more!

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What's in the ebook

  • Real, unedited, complete sequences from brands like G2, Hubspot, Drift, LeadIQ, CloudApp, Vidyard and more.
  • Campaign goals, outcomes and metrics tracked to help you understand what worked, how and why.
  • Do you really need more? Download this ebook to get your hands on real sequences along with the learnings that observations behind them so you can multiply your outcomes.
  • Mastering the Art of Cold Calling: B2B Sales