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With Co-hosts Laxman Papineni (CEO & Co-founder, Outplay) & Jared Robin (Co-founder, Revgenius) 



Hype is Real

Season - 1

Listen to stories from revenue leaders who have created a stir in the startup world & became successful with the next generation of customers. Get a hold of insights and tips to navigate as a revenue leader that you’ve never heard anywhere else. In the first season, we speak to some big names in Gong, Clari, Gainsight, and 6sense.

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Hype is Real

Season 2

This season we speak to powerful women leaders across various roles who have taken the SaaS space by storm. Listen in as they speak about women empowerment, their impressive experiences, pointers to succeed, and a lot more. Tune in for a new episode every Thursday and get inspired!

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