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10 Cold Email Templates to Help Your Sales Team Drive More Leads


ByJanani H

Published August 11, 2023

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A lot of the time, the most successful sales teams are the ones who send the most emails. Cold emails are one of the most significant and proven ways to drive more leads, whether a link to your product or service with a seasonal discount or a thoughtfully curated educational offer. We love that. But writing a cold email can take forever. 

And worse. It eats away at the time that a salesperson barely has (apparently, salespeople can spend as much as 21% of their day writing emails). Time that can otherwise be used to build a prospect list, follow up on hot leads, or balance other outreach channels like calls or LinkedIn. 

The solution? Cold email templates. 

Cold email templates are the perfect way to replicate formulas that have worked for your reps in the past, save a lot of time, and meet your lead targets. 

So, what exactly are cold email templates, and how do they work? We'll explain everything you need to know about them in this post. And we'll give you what you came here for -  the ten cold email templates to help you get those leads flowing in. 

But remember, even the best cold email templates can't ensure your success. We'll also look at some quick best practices and dos and don'ts on getting the most out of them. So make sure you check that out as well.

What is a cold email template?

A cold email template is a customizable script that can be edited and sent to a cold contact who fits in the description of your defined ICP (ideal customer profile) and will likely find value in the product/service you're selling. 

Remember that your cold email template targets COMPLETELY cold (we're talking icicle) contacts. They've contacts you're reaching out to for the very first time. This is the first time they've heard from you. And sometimes, they might have never heard of you either. 

The best cold email templates (when used right, of course) will nudge a whole new list of prospects into your sales funnel, directly impacting your pipeline and revenue. A lowly sales email template can magnify the impact of one of your most powerful sales channels - the good old email outreach.

Debunking cold email template misconceptions

We've seen what a cold email template is. But it's more vital for you to understand what it isn't. So repeat after us, it isn't - 

  • For everyone - Having outreach email templates doesn't mean that you have to use them for everyone. Don't shoot out your templates to everyone in your email list. Using cold email templates is a strategic outreach approach that should target only those likely to be responsive to your offering.
  • A quick fix: A cold email template significantly reduces email outreach time. But it is by no means a quick fix. It is never a good idea to lift templates off of articles (like this one) and use them verbatim with a few quick edits. The only thing that's likely to do is to land you in the spam or on unsubscribe lists. 
  • A one-size-fits-all solution - Like we said, cold email templates need to be personalized. But by how much? 0%, and you're spam. 100%, and you're back to writing emails from scratch - which defeats the purpose of having templates in the first place. So what do you do? Test. Test. Hubspot has some great tips for personalizing your email outreaches. Pick out some easily implementable ones and test your open rates and efficiency metrics to judge the payoff and find your sweet spot. 

10 cold email templates to help you drive leads

Now comes the crucial part. Here are 10 cold email templates you can use, modify, and plug into your sequences. These templates offer many approaches you can choose from -  based on relevance,  your brand voice, your offering, and your research on what kind of messaging your ICP responds to. 

Let's get this party started. 

1. Offer to help

Try offering actionable tips and advice for free, help your contact see the value in your engagement, and then slowly build to a product pitch in the subsequent emails of your sequence. 

Subject line: Here to Help: Easing {Pain Point}

Hi {{first name}},

I'm {first name} from {company}, a brand that {services you offer}. I noticed that you are responsible for {ICP's responsibilities/tasks}. We've helped {customers} to {outcome}. 

I was wondering if you need any help with that?

I'd love to send you a quick recording of some tips that you might find helpful {outcome}.

Would that be helpful to you?

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Initiate meaningful conversations using the 'offer to help' cold email template. Perfect for initial outreach, warm lead engagement, or re-engagement, this template showcases your willingness to provide value, build rapport, and foster genuine connections with potential leads.

2. Make the elevator pitch

This one is simple and direct. Just make your pitch as clearly and concisely as you can. Convey your understanding of your prospect's pain point and clearly explain how you can help. 

Subject line: Quickly introducing {Your Solution} for {Their Need}

Hey {first name},

I got your contact information from {LinkedIn, a colleague, online research} and wanted to introduce myself and {your company name}. 

{Company} is a platform that will help [your team] {elevator pitch of value props}.

I believe {our product/service} will be able to turn around {function/outcome}.

Are you available for a quick call to discuss this?

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

The 'make the elevator pitch' cold email template instantly captures attention. Ideal for initial contacts, networking follow-ups, and introducing new features, this template distills your value proposition into a concise message that resonates with busy prospects, sparking curiosity and encouraging further engagement.

3. Tap into FOMO

FOMO can be a powerful selling tactic. If you convince your cold prospect that their peers count on your brand to succeed - you might get them to follow suit. 

Subject line: Don't know how to {challenge}? We can help!

Hi {{ firstname }}, 

X is the world's leading {product or service you offer}. And that means we help over X {number of customers you work with - 500, 1000, 50,000} do {value prop/results}. I'd love to schedule a quick call to help you understand how we do that. How does that sound? Here's my calendar, ready for you to pick your preferred time.

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Activate urgency with the 'tap into FOMO' cold email template. Ideal for limited-time offers, exclusive invites, and product launches. Drive action by highlighting the fear of missing out on unique opportunities, prompting quick engagement from leads and prospects.

4. Share something of value

Break the ice by offering an asset or resource to add value to your prospect. Make sure you tie back the insights of your resource to your product and service to make the case for yourself quickly.

Subject line: Boost your {objective} with this valuable tip

Hi {{ firstname }}, 

As the {job title} of {company}, I'm sure you feel the impact of {add pain point}. We recently created this {resource - ebook, research report, webinar} that you might find super helpful (I know, our {job title} did). 

I hope this helps you {outcome}. What would also help is {how your product addresses the challenge}. If you resonate with that, how about a quick call to go over this? Here's my calendar. 

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Utilize the 'share something of value' cold email template to foster trust and credibility. It is ideal for introducing yourself, nurturing leads, and post-webinar follow-ups. Deliver immediate value by offering insights, resources, or solutions tailored to recipients' needs, setting the stage for meaningful interactions and relationship-building.

5. Leverage research-based intel

Use popular industry benchmark reports or articles to showcase trends that support your use case, and then share how your offering can help your prospects get to where they need to be. 

Subject line: Crucial intel for your {industry/challenge}

Hi {{firstname}}, 

I came across this report by ____, which states that {trend/prediction}. The challenge/opportunity this presents to you is ________. We work closely with our client to __________, and I want to know if we could help you do the same. It'd be great to connect sometime ___ - how's your availability on ___? 

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Use the "leverage research-based intel" cold email template to communicate industry-specific insights strategically. Ideal for introducing your data-backed solutions, addressing pain points, and building trust. This template aids in positioning yourself as a knowledgeable resource, fostering meaningful engagements in various B2B contexts.

6. Find common interests

If you've researched your ICP, you'll know who they follow for inspiration on LinkedIn and what kind of resources they use. Use these to find common ground and add empathy to your cold email templates. 

Subject line: {firstnname}, connected through shared interests: let's chat!

Hi {{firstname}}, 

I noticed that you also follow {account/publication}. I love the insights they share on ________.

Should you ever need help on {value prop}, I'd be happy to tell you how we successfully worked with {{ client }} previously and how we can add value to

{{ company }} as well! 

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Use the 'find common interests' cold email template to foster rapport and connection. Ideal for lead engagement and partnership outreach. This template facilitates personalized interactions by identifying shared hobbies or professional interests, making your outreach more relatable, and forging stronger connections with potential leads and prospects.

7. Strengthen with proof points 

Nothing speaks as strongly as numbers do sometimes. If you have tangible data on how you improved customer outcomes, that's something you should add to your cold email template to make an impact. 

Subject line: See [Client Name] 's Triumph!

Hey {{firstname}},

Is ______ a priority for you?

I wanted to share a success story of how one of your competitors {increased/reduced/grew metric} from _____ to ____ using our {features/capabilities} 

If this is the sort of result you're looking to drive, I'd love to show you how {{company}} can help. 

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Elevate trust with the 'strengthen with proof points' cold email template. Suitable for lead nurturing, objection handling, and post-demo reinforcement. Showcase real-world success stories, addressing doubts, and enhancing credibility. Employ it to prove your solution's value, especially in closing deals and illustrating competitive advantages.

8. Bring up relevant market developments

If something is happening in the market or economy that'll impact your prospect's business - bring it up. And add how your product or service can help them navigate this situation with positive outcomes. 

Subject line: Hey {firstname}, exciting industry updates await!

Hey {{firstname}},

Has the recent ___ in {economic/market development} changed your {functional} strategy?

We've noticed that businesses like you are {change in strategy}.

We're a {nature of your business} that helps {industry and outcomes}.

If you're interested in setting aside some time to discuss this, please let me know what time works. 

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Initiate insightful discussions with the 'bring up relevant market developments' cold email template. Perfect for targeted outreach. Share timely industry news to demonstrate expertise and relevance, encouraging meaningful conversations and showcasing your commitment to staying informed in the recipient's field.

9. Use milestones as openers

Use significant prospect milestones like funding notifications, IPO announcements, or big hiring news as openers. Predict the strategic direction your prospect's company is taking in light of these announcements, show what impact it might have on their specific function, and show them how your company will equip them to manage this change. 

Subject line: Wow, {{Company Name}} – You're Thriving!

Hey {{ firstname }},

I saw {{company announcement}}. Congratulations! 

You guys are clearly doing something right.

With {change} comes new and exciting challenges and decisions. You'll probably have to {challenge caused by the change}. 

I'd love for you to see how {company} could {value prop} as you continue to expand. Do you have 20 minutes to chat sometime this week?

{insert email signature here}

When to use it:

Utilize the 'milestones' cold email template to congratulate prospects on recent achievements like company announcements, awards, or expansions. Ideal for building rapport post-announcement, expressing interest, and exploring ways your offerings align with their progress. Initiate discussions by acknowledging their success and proposing collaboration opportunities.

10. Share your personal experience 

Forge a genuine connection with your prospect. Draw on your journey to resonate with prospects, showing empathy and relatability as you navigate common challenges and aspirations.

Subject line: Personal insights on [Product]: Let's connect!

Hey {{ firstname }},

Given your role in  {{ function }}, I wanted to connect with you about my experience on {your product/app/website/tool etc} 

As I was going through it, I noticed {valuable, real feedback}. 

I have a few ways in which you could amplify the amazing work you are doing. Are you open to discussing them over a call?

When to use it:

Use the 'share your personal experience' cold email template when you've used a product, tool, or service. Ideal for user feedback, B2B outreach, or networking. Tailored to relevant roles, it presents your insights and suggests enhancements. This template fosters connections and showcases your expertise.

Best practices for using cold email templates

As we said, even the best cold email templates will succeed if used correctly. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Personalization balance 

This might have already come up many times, but it's essential. Copy pastes don't work, but where do you draw the line with personalization? Try dividing your lists into groups (based on categories like revenue size or industry-specific pain points) and personalizing each one. 

2. Test your subject lines and body copies 

You need to keep it interesting. And funny. And relevant. And concise. But A/B test your content to see what's getting you the results and do more. 

3. Make that CTA simple 

Never end your emails without a CTA. And make sure it's a simple one. Most of your cold outreach templates should end in a request for a call. Adding your calendar with open slots is the easiest way to get your desired outcome.

4. ALWAYS follow-up 

Remember that your cold email is something with your follow-ups. You're lucky to get a response in the first shot (really, really lucky - you lucky bug). Less than 9% of cold emails get a response. So remember to have a follow-up sequence to ensure you entice your prospect into the funnel. 

Some email automation platforms (like Outplay) will also let you automatically move your prospects between sequences based on behavior triggers. Check this out if you're in the market for email sequencing software and want to find the perfect one.

5. Track, track, track 

It's crucial to track the effectiveness of your cold email templates. This will allow you to see which templates get the best response rates and adjust as needed. Over time, you should be able to refine your templates to the point where they consistently generate new leads and sales for your business.

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