If you’ve been navigating the world of sales for some time now, “how to find CEO email addresses” is a phrase you’ve probably been typing into your Google search bar ad infinitum. You may have read other articles on our blog and understood the need for email IDs. 

You may also know that connecting with the CEO is your best chance of making a sale happen because they are a decision-maker. 

If you can personalize your pitch to each CEO, you stand a good chance of converting them. But how do you get their email addresses in the first place? 

In this article, we shall look at a few tricks you can use to find a CEO email address. 

Visit Their Website 

Visiting the company’s website is probably the first thing you should do. The company website is home to everything you need to know about the company - often including the CEO’s email address.

Consider checking both the Contact Us page and the list of authors on their blog. The list of authors often contains the email address of each contributor, one of which could be the CEO. 

As a general rule, you ought to take a good look at the company website while personalizing your pitch to them. 

Google Their Email Addresses 

Yes, this approach is a shot in the dark. However, there’s a good chance you will find the CEO’s email address somewhere on the internet. All you have to do is type the name of the company and the CEO’s first name and last name.

There’s a good chance the company in question has job listings on different job sites with the CEO’s email address in the description. 

Sign Up for the Company Newsletter 

Every online business has a newsletter. Most companies send newsletters from a regular email address (instead of a no-reply address) and read most replies to their emails. Signing up for their mailing list is an excellent way to:

Boost your chances of getting the CEO’s email address. Reply to one of their emails, asking them for the CEO’s email address. 
Understand the company better. Understanding the company that you want to work for helps you personalize your pitch when you do get access to the decision-maker (in this case, the CEO).  

Check LinkedIn and Twitter 

Social media accounts like Twitter and especially LinkedIn serve as the easiest form of access to the company’s CEO. All you have to do is search for the name of the company in question and look for the company members under the ‘People’ section.

You will often find the names of the people who work at the company with their respective designations. 

Use the Website’s Live Chat 

Another easy way to get access to your CEO is by using the website live chat. Most websites these days have a live chat box on the lower-right corner. In the chat box, ask for the customer services manager, and then ask them for the CEO’s email address. This approach takes only a few seconds.

Use an Email Finder Tool 

Finally, consider using an email finder tool to get reliable information. Unlike the manual methods we’ve discussed above, using an email finder tool saves you substantial amounts of time and energy while improving your chances of retrieving the CEO’s email address.

While there are tons of email finder tools on the internet, we recommend our own Outplay Connect.

With Outplay Connect, you can: 

  • Capture verified emails, and phone numbers, using your chrome browser with a single click 
  • Have your reps send emails, cold call prospects, etc., without even having to use their Outplay account

…and more. 

How to Write Emails That the CEO Will Reply to 

If you have managed to capture the CEO’s email address using one of the methods discussed earlier, congratulations!

Your next question is probably “how to address a CEO in an email?”

Here are a few quick tips to help you write irresistible emails that the CEO cannot help but reply to: 

Have a Compelling Subject Line 

CEOs get dozens of emails every day. You need to send them an email that they would regret not opening. A short but intrigue-inducing subject line will help you do just this.

Make sure your email subject line tells them what your email is about without giving everything away. You need to give them enough information that they are interested, but not so much that they aren’t curious enough to open the email. 

Keep Your Email Short 

With the overall reduction in the attention span in today’s world, no one spends more than a few seconds reading what is in front of them to gauge whether it is worth their time.

Your email needs to be concise and specific. 

Personalize Your Pitch 

While pitching your service to someone, you need to make sure they actually need that service. So, before cold emailing the CEO, make sure you’ve done your homework. You need to know: 

  • What their company needs 
  • Precisely how you can help them 
  • How you have helped other brands in this space 

Go for a Small Ask 

They do not know you yet. That means they do not trust you yet. Try asking them for something they are likely to say yes to. An example of this is asking for five minutes of their time over a call to discuss an idea that you came up with that will help them.  


In conclusion, reaching out to a decision maker like the company’s CEO furthers your chances of closing a deal, and reaching out to them isn’t as hard as you think. We suggest you give all the methods a try to get the CEO’s email address easily. As mentioned earlier, Outplay Connect can help you simplify this process significantly. Request a demo here.