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Introducing Lead Sourcing by Outplay: Fast-track your Growth with Our Sales Prospecting Tool

ByMonika Jahnavi

Published September 19, 2022

We are really excited to announce the launch of Outplay’s newest feature - Lead Sourcing. Our sales prospecting database gives you access to real-time verified data for 850 million professionals across 35 million companies, worldwide. 

Using this vital information, you can not only identify promising leads but also engage them on the same platform. This will invariably speed up your sales cycle and help you rise against your competition.

Our sales prospecting tool makes lead sourcing feel like a breeze. Here’s what you can do when you choose Outplay:

Get access to the latest error-free data

We know how frustrating viewing outdated contact and company information can be. But with Outplay you can steer clear of stale information, as you access the most accurate and refreshed prospect information from the widest data pool in the market. You can now prospect efficiently without the fear of having duplicate prospect records.

Identify and reach the right prospects at scale

Outplay’s accurate prospecting database cuts down on the time lost on sourcing websites and lead qualification. Choose from an array of filters that display data right from the lead names, job titles, and job changes all the way to their company location, revenue, funding announcements, and more. This way you can reach the right prospects at scale and use the saved time to crack other major deals.

Manage contact lists smoothly

Outplay’s smart filters make it easy for you to search through relevant contact and company information, for leads that match your ICP. You can then save, export, and manage these contact lists in just a few clicks to later engage them effectively. 

Enrich leads and engage them on a single platform

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Access to the latest database on our sales prospecting tool means you can enrich the leads faster and boost your sales qualification process. You can also engage these prospects effectively on Outplay, without the need to switch apps. Simply add the prospects to 100% automated and personalized sequences and connect with them on multiple sales channels with a single click. 

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Nurture high-intent leads with sales intelligence

Intelligent AI capabilities in our sales prospecting tool include hot leads, objection handling, and battle cards. Once you qualify leads and engage them, you can use these capabilities to help you in handling objections and nurturing high-intent leads.

Take prospecting wherever you go with Outplay Connect

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With our Chrome extension - Outplay Connect, you can engage prospects from anywhere. Whether you are checking your email, reading an article on Medium, or using LinkedIn, you can capture prospects in a single click. Outplay is extremely fluid and is designed to take prospecting to a new level.

Only pay for what you access
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You get access to real-time verified data for 850 million professionals spread across 35 million companies from around the world on our B2B prospecting tool. Search for the relevant information matching your ICP, make lists, qualify and engage prospects - all without huge yearly contracts but with a simple pay-as-you-go model.

Bottom line

In essence, Outplay’s sales prospecting tool will save you a lot of precious time that is otherwise lost in mundane activities that go into lead sourcing and qualification. With lead sourcing, prospect, engage and sell from the same platform!

Find out more about our new feature here

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