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Samantha Mckenna has smashed innumerable sales records since the start of her sales career. She realized her love for selling when she entered the competitive world of sales in 6th grade and won a prize for her pitch!

As the founder of #samsales and the famous #SMYKM or Show Me You Know Me™ approach, she is your go-to expert for building a brand on LinkedIn, training reps on social selling, and strong sales foundations. 

In this Masterclass, she breaks the #SMYKM approach with templates, practical tips, and common mistakes that could cause a dent in your outreach. 

Personalization Vs Personalization at Scale

According to McKinsey, only 8% of businesses use personalization. The remaining either do a blast outreach or resort to personalization at scale. 

Personalization is research-heavy and can eat up more time. But, it is an effective method that turns heads and creates interest. 

Personalization at scale often sees a rise in automation fails and generic subject lines. Stand out from your competition, and don’t merge with the crowd. 



Differentiation must be more than just personalizing their names, company names, locations, etc. in the email body.


Perfecting Sam’s #SMYKM method 

Show me you know me is all about building credibility with your prospect by showing them you understand them and their pain points. 

#SMYKM helps you unleash your authentic self and form a personal connection with your prospect. 

Here’s what you need to know to apply this approach.

How to Go After the Right Titles

Going after the wrong titles happens more often than you think. You want to make sure you cross-check the title and if their role hits a match with your ICP. 

Never email everyone on the same team, at once. You have to divide your relevant prospects from the account into buckets and personalize each outreach to drive better results. 


Check your CRM to see if you have reached out to them before or if they’re already using your product.


How Can you Personalize

Find out everything you can about your prospect on LinkedIn, their website, etc., and use that information in your outreach. 

You can look at their posts, common LinkedIn connections, previous work background, articles, podcasts, previous charity work by their company, off-site news, marketing activities, etc. 

The money is usually in your subject lines. Use subject lines that mean something to the prospect, and tie your opener line to the subject line for continuity. 



Only use niceties toward the end of the email!


What Not to Do in Your Outreach


Don’t use everything you find online in your outreach. Avoid talking about their private accounts like Instagram, TikTok, or any personal blog or topics that seem sensitive. 

Make your initial messaging all about the person, and avoid mentioning the product. As Sam says, never do a pitch slap in your first email, learn to build a connection first. 

Moreover, using company news around their recent acquisition or funding should be avoided as it doesn’t set you apart from the rest. Everyone uses this information in their outreach. 

If you’re using your customers’ names in an email - get their approval first. While you do that, ask them for referrals as well. 


Find the entire #SMYKM  Masterclass by Samantha McKenna and other helpful resources based on her session here.


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