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Try These 7 Tools for Scheduling Meetings Hassle-free

ByMonika Jahnavi

Published August 26, 2022

Nobody likes repetitive and mundane tasks! I’m sure you don’t either. But sales is a tough job and being flooded with routine and boring tasks from time to time is very common. From inputting critical sales data into CRM to setting up important prospect/client meetings, you have a lot of ‘not so exciting’ tasks to do every day.

Scheduling meetings is critical from the sales perspective both for creating more opportunities and achieving revenue targets. It is nevertheless a task that doesn’t happen straight away. In fact, it involves a series of activities that lead up to a successful meeting and more.

But, isn’t that so much precious time lost in identifying promising leads and converting them into paying customers?

There’s good news because there are meeting scheduler apps that can make your life easy.

The tools help automate the process of scheduling meetings with potential and existing customers without relying on email replies to nail down a good time. They also free up your time a great deal so you don’t have to focus on manual tasks.

There’s a huge choice of tools out there and choosing ‘the one’ can be tough. But we got you covered, listing the 7 best meeting scheduling software in the market, we make it easy for you to make the choice.

7 best meeting scheduling software

  1. Outplay Meeting Scheduler
  2. Doodle
  3. Mixmax
  4. Calendly
  5. Chili Piper
  6. Zoho
  7. Drift

1. Outplay Meeting Scheduler
Outplay Meeting Scheduler is a new-age sales scheduling software designed specifically for sales teams serving SMB customers. It has some unique features that automate scheduling and leave sales teams with more prospecting time. These include embeddable calendar, round robin scheduling, calendar one-view, and insertable meeting slots.

In a bid to avoid the back and forth on emails Outplay enables you to embed your calendar on the website. This way when the prospects visit your page, get to view available slots and book meetings at a time that is convenient for them.


Once prospects fill out the form, the tool’s round-robin feature automatically assigns the available salesperson to them. This invariably brings down the time lost in liaising with people across the team to see who’s free. It also ensures everyone is hitting their numbers.

Thanks to its one-view feature, Outplay lets you view your colleagues’ calendar availability and set up meetings without the need to sync on calls and messages.

When mailing the prospects you can simply insert the meeting slots or a link to it showing your availability. An added advantage of this feature is that you can also share your colleagues’ availability. 

While meeting scheduler is a small part of what Outplay can do, it is important to note that a range of capabilities such as multi-channel sales engagement, analytics for predictable revenue growth, and sales automation are at your sales teams’ disposal to empower them to sell more.

2. Doodle
Having been in the market for over a decade, Doodle is no fresher to the world of meeting schedulers. From recruitment to sales to education, the software has been helping clients from all fields book meetings efficiently.

Doodle offers a tiered subscription pricing model that starts with free software to create event polls, enabling invitees to vote for the times that work and set up meetings within minutes. As you move from the free version to the paid one you get access to more tool features such as setting poll deadlines and meeting reminders.

With the premium versions, you can even synchronize online calendars and the Doodle account to avoid constant switching between the two. You can opt for a 14-day free trial for the paid version or use the free software without even creating an account on Doodle.

3. Mixmax
Mixmax makes running behind prospects, candidates, and teammates for meetings, a thing of the past. You can cut the back and forth that goes into aligning calendars and make meeting scheduling a breeze. Built to solve a variety of use cases spanning sales teams, sales operations, email productivity, leadership, and customer success, Mixmax comes in handy for all kinds of users.

Features like one-click meetings, send later and reminders built into the meeting scheduler make it easy to schedule meetings in no time and increase productivity for all customer-facing professionals. Mixmax pricing is interestingly geared around two categories, namely Sales Engagement and Email Productivity.

4. Calendly
Another veteran in the meeting schedulers game, Calendly offers an exhaustive platform targeting prospects from various walks of life such as sales, recruitment, revenue operations, customer success, etc. It is ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises to tackle high volume and complex meeting scheduling.

Some of the hero features of this online meeting scheduler include routing forms, embeds, polls, and group scheduling. Calendly’s syncronization with other applications like email providers, CRM and its in-house systems, saves users a significant amount of prospecting time.

Offering 5 types of tiered pricing from Basic (which is the free plan) and to Enterprise, the software gets advanced as you go up the ladder. Some of these include features for teams, various customizations, integrations, and business support.

5. Chili Piper
Owing to the spicy name, Chili Piper brings a refreshing new take to the world of meeting scheduling tools. Showcasing multiple products such as instant Booker, form concierge, distro, and handoff, the tool is built to solve for each stage of the prospect’s journey - from website signup t lead routing to sales handover. 

A relatively new kid on the block, Chili Piper is ideal for any kind of business that is looking for one single solution for all things scheduling. With the ability to integrate across multiple applications, Chili Piper can seamlessly blend into your existing landscape.

As for pricing, Chilipiper only offers premium subscription-based pricing across all its products without a free plan or a free trial.

6. Zoho
Zoho Bookings is one of Zoho Software Suite’s offerings that is tailored to solve the hassles of everyday meeting scheduling. The tool possesses some standard features like calendar sync, setting up buffer times, and handling cancellations that enable bookings with an individual or a group. 

But it doesn’t stop there, in fact, it goes beyond and also allows the integration of payment gateways and collects payments on time. Zoho Bookings brings with it the advantage of being integrable with other systems and most importantly being compatible with the Zoho ecosystem of products.

If a prospect is already using Zoho CRM or Zoho Mail they can plug and play Zoho bookings instantly. As for pricing, there is a forever free plan for 1 user with the basic feature set including mail integrations followed by Basic and Premium subscription plans to choose from.

7. Drift
Owing to its ability to be an integrated marketing communications platform, Drift allows for automated meeting scheduling via its conversational bot, unlike conventional online meeting schedulers.

Drift Meetings is centered around turning conversations into meetings. Drift’s bot enables website visitors to turn into meetings by posing the right questions, sharing the right literature, and timing slots to intelligently route them to the right person.

With the ability to automatically remind participants about upcoming meetings, report analytics on meetings, group scheduling, etc. the platform seamlessly automates all the relevant tasks without the need for manual intervention. With subscription plans spread across 3 tiers - Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise, Dift Meetings comes as an innate offering based on the plan you choose.

Final Words
There you go - 7 best meeting scheduling apps to fix your sales appointment scheduling problems. You can evaluate the features and compare the tools to choose the one that best suits your needs. And, if you feel Outplay is ‘the one’, you can learn more about it here. You can even book a demo with one of our executives or enjoy a 14-day free trial to get first-hand experience.