How to Increase Your Team's Outbound Sales

Deepika Singhania


Deepika Singhania


May 18, 2022

How to Increase Your Team's Outbound Sales

Are you unhappy with your outbound sales performance? Here’s some news for you - most B2B companies, like you, are not satisfied with theirs either. 

So, is it true what they say? That outbound sales is now a thing of the past? Well, some argue that inbound strategies work better and hold the key to the future of sales. While others believe that a mix of the two is necessary for good results. Like them, we too believe that time is not yet up for outbound sales. It is still as important as ever in this fast-paced, digital age.

But why are companies still not hitting their outbound sales targets? And what can be done to fix these problems? Here are five things you can do to improve your outbound sales.

1. ‘Send All’ is a thing of the past

If you’re still sending the same sales email to everyone and calling prospects randomly, it’s simply not going to work. Gone are the days when you could use just one channel to communicate with buyers. Today, you have to be present wherever they are. There are numerous digital channels at your disposal, so you can use a combination of touch points to connect with your sales prospects. This includes social media platforms too, especially to collect information and identify them.
Tip: Try different channels and see what combination works for your sales team

2. Personalization is key

Using generic messaging at scale won’t get you meetings in the SaaS world. Now, it’s all about knowing the needs of your prospect and tailoring your approach accordingly. Why, though? Simply because buyers don’t want to listen to anyone from your team talking about things that they don’t need. They want to instead engage in a meaningful conversation where you can convince them that you understand their priorities. This isn’t possible without personalizing your communication for each individual. It may be time-consuming but it really pays off.
Tip: Use memes and videos at at least one of the touchpoints for a personalized touch

3. It’s time to optimize

A lot of companies today use Google Ads to get data that can help them optimize their targeting and messaging. It helps with increasing their ad’s performance when it’s reaching the relevant audience. Similarly, your outbound messaging should also be optimized frequently. It would have been a lot of work but thankfully there are sales engagement tools (like Outplay) available now to give your sales reps the required data on what’s working and what’s not.
Tip: Update your outbound sequences every 4 weeks instead of after 6 months

4. Segmentation really works

We spoke about personalization and optimization but neither can happen without a good amount of research. Market segmentation is a crucial step that your sales reps should be spending time on. Once you have your market segments in place, your team can cater specifically to their profiles. This way, your team won’t be reaching out to prospects that aren’t a good fit. This will lead to better conversations and drive your sales naturally.

Tip: Use different strategies and sales cadences for each identified market segment 

5. Automation is the future

A lot of sales reps view automation as a threat. But little do they realize that embracing it will only bring them new opportunities. As a sales leader, you should make sure that your team is comfortable and well-versed with the automated processes involved. It’ll save them time otherwise spent on administrative tasks and boost productivity. But you already know this! Just make sure your sales team knows it too.

Tip: Try out different CRMs before finalizing one because it’ll become the most important tool at your team’s disposal

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