What comes to your mind when we say outbound sales? Is it annoying sales calls and spammy emails that you wish never existed? Well, we’re with you on that.

Outbound sales get a lot of bad rep because of cold calling and aggressive sales pitches. Businesses, especially with small budgets, depend upon these ‘pushy’ and ‘salesy’ age-old tactics to get customers. What this does is alienate customers instead of engaging them.

Done right, outbound sales have the potential to generate a full pipeline and keep the business wheels rolling. Reports suggest outbound sales still contribute to a larger share of generated leads (55% vs. 27% for inbound sales) and remain crucial to businesses, especially those in the enterprise market segment. 

But to make outbound sales success, you need to equip your sales team with the right sales software that will allow them to deal with a number of prospects easily, automate top-of-the-funnel activities, and save precious time which they can use to build meaningful relationships with the prospects.  


Things Outbound Software Can Do For Your Sales Team


Set Up Advanced Email Outreach

Scheduling sales sequences and automating follow-ups is easier with an outbound automation tool. You can personalize emails on the scale and nurture one-on-one relationships with the prospects.

Create bulk emails, schedule follow-up reminders, and track open rates, response rates, and conversion rates with the advanced features of an outbound sales platform.

Connect your existing email accounts to an outbound tool such as Outplay to have everything in one place. Outplay enables direct connection with Gmail and Microsoft Office 365. You can also connect email accounts from different email providers using IMAP.


outplay mail box

Develop Outbound Sales Scripts & Templates

With outbound prospecting tools, you can create a variety of sales pitches and templates to help your sales team convert better. Understand the critical pain points your potential customers are struggling with. Then address them on the call with a prospect and tell them how the software can solve their problem. 

Ensure the script has a playbook that both marketing and sales teams can refer to. This will ensure the members follow the steps correctly, such as when to reach out to a prospect, offer a product demo, and follow up. 

Typically, it can take weeks for prospects to get back to you. At this point, you should know what stage they’re on and from where to pick up the conversation. Outbound prospecting tools make it easier by tracking prospects throughout the journey.

With Outplay, you can create winning templates from past email campaigns that have worked in your favor. You can either duplicate or edit them to use them for other outbound sequences. 



An outbound sales automation platform makes it easy to find and access information when you need it. Especially with automated dialing, it’s essential to have software that pulls up customer details, so the reps have absolute clarity on who they’re dealing with. 

With Outplay, you can employ filters and find relevant contact and company information of the prospect. You can seamlessly handle bulk actions — save, export, and manage the prospect list in just a few clicks.


Our outbound automation tool not only helps with verified email addresses and phone numbers but critical information such as job title, industry, company funding updates and revenue, amongst others. It saves you the precious time lost on sourcing websites and lead qualification and instead reaches the right decision makers at scale and moves them up your funnel faster.

The entire communication along with the information about each contact is on a single screen. This means fewer clicks and better productivity. Learn more about the feature here.

Native CRM Integration Without Any Friction

Data is essential in refining and evolving the sales strategy. To collect usable data, you need to track everything—from marketing, sales, and customer support data.

But it’s impossible to do this without native integration. Outplay’s outbound sales platform smoothly integrates with various marketing tools such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho CRM, allowing sales managers and team members to collect, sort, and analyze data. 

“The ability to set up custom triggers. i.e., contacts are automatically added to specific sequences after it’s created in your CRM. We use Pipedrive as our CRM, and the native integration means we can set as many triggers as possible. The automation is just phenomenal.'' mentions our customer, Ash Dhillon, Mytoor’s Business Development Manager.


Monitor Outreach Efforts With Analytics 

The best outbound sales tools are easy to access and read. They give a simple overview of important metrics, such as activity, quality, and conversion, without making it too complicated with deeper and complex insights.

With Outplay’s dashboard, you can find all the insights on a single dashboard to determine the success or failure of your sales campaigns. You can get a detailed report of sales sequences, prospects, templates, etc., to measure what worked and what didn’t.



At every stage, you can monitor the interaction with your prospects, stay on top of your team’s performance, and track opportunity stages, sequence stats, meetings booked, and tasks executed. You can analyze sales calls and get greater visibility into your sales pipeline and performance.

Use Video Messages To Personalize Your Cadence

54% of sales reps think it’s harder to get in front of prospects today than five years ago. Sales reps need to find new ways to engage prospects, and personalized communication tops the list.

No one wants to read long emails about your product or company. Personalized video messages do a great job of engaging customers and nudging them to take action. 

Your email doesn’t have to be another email in your prospect’s inbox. With Outplay’s Vidyard integration, you can send them a video message that will engage them and build trust and rapport with them. Use this feature to add a human touch in today’s remote sales world and see your response rates shoot up.



Drive More Business With Outbound Sales Software

While CRM can help you execute basic activities, a sales outbound tool can help you gain a competitive advantage over competitors. With features such as email automation, native integration, video messaging, auto-dialers, market intelligence, in-depth reporting, and much more, you can free up the precious time of your sales reps and still get more meetings booked.

Want to know what this tool looks like in action? Book a free demo here or check out Outplay HQ.