Landon Meyer, more famously known as the SDR helper, does not need an introduction. Most recently, he imparted his learnings at the LinkedIn live cold calling event, and thank heavens for that, because the experience Landon comes with is pretty much like a Bible to us SDRs. He currently serves as a Founding Account Exec at Nooks, and has been working in the sales field for over 5 years. During this time, he has dabbled with multiple roles at Aerotek, Bungalow, and Workato! From a recruiter to a field sales exec to an SDR manager, Landon most recently spoke about booking 75 meetings in 45 days. Well, for a runner- that would be a Usain Bolt feat right there so here is some inspiration and well some lessons served on the platter (right from Outplay headquarters) for you:

Now, we know that you know the technicalities behind cold calling. We are also sure that you have some exciting tactics that are unique only to you! So, let us skip the definition for you and dive right into the insights we derived from this amazing call, shall we?

Client Consideration is Key‍

The first and most striking thing that Landon flies off with is very simple, ‘do you remember me?’. Now this will do two things psychologically, first- it makes the client feel like they may have a familiarity factor plus it shows that as an SDR representing a brand, Landon is not just assuming that everybody is going to be knowing him right off the bat- giving him the comfort of building up his pitch.

Secondly, he does one thing supremely well- does not push the agenda at all. Like the most basic trick in the book, he earned his 30 seconds and that’s where he put his A-game on. This makes the client feel that the SDR is considerate of his time and would most easily be accommodating his needs first and foremost!

Hitting the right pain point-Research

We believe that there are three places where an unversed individual should just not speak. One is an interview, the second is political matters, and the third- well you guessed it SDR to a decision maker. Since we work in a cutthroat world, the one thing that will always help you strike is your understanding of the product offered by your client.

Everybody can do sales, everybody can push their features- but you don’t want to do just that- you wish to create a collaboration and that is how hitting the right pain point will do wonders for you. Landon gets his 30 seconds and before becoming just another forgotten entry in the call log, strikes a war; one where he talks about combating the real challenge faced by the company.

Options and collaboration

The, “huh! Interesting, you should definitely take a look…we can introduce you to a partner and bundle it up”. This is not just quick thinking on Landon’s feet (which by the way, we are sure is your strength), but also enough understanding regarding which deal is best for your client.

Now, let’s just all agree that a tailor-made approach is never harmful. Selling the same product call on call, hour on hour can get challenging, but when you mix it up like this- you will surely increase your chance of getting a deal. He spoke about website compliance and a lack of it, and provided just the right solution within 5 seconds, intriguing his client to talk more just the next day!

Get just what the client needs

Landon was attentive to not only what the client was saying, but even the tonality. He saw it change from a potential brush-off to a potential deal within 10 seconds. All because he got to the nerve of the client and provided just what he requires within a span of 30 seconds. As a cold calling expert, you may have the structure set, but this is how you can maximize your potential deals.

Prepping for a face-to-face meeting

From time immemorial, and if you ask an older generation- they would probably always tell you, that honest business is done face to face. Something that Landon aces right towards the end. He knows, he has the client’s needs understood and all he needs now is a stamp on the deal and a little more verification. The chances of this get higher- once he sends a trusted executive to seal the deal. Just like how you hit a sweet spot with a CTA on a website, that last sentence is pretty much the equivalent!

So, the bifurcation of the call is pretty amazing if you see. A simple introduction, diving right into the pain point, seeing the solution, and getting to the meeting. Beautifully played. 

Key takeaways

So, let’s just sum it up for you to save you some note-taking right here:

  • Keep the conversation down to earth! Even if you are offering the most coveted product in the market, making the client feel that you are in the call for them and not purely for your business will do wonders for you. 
  • Don’t skimp on the research. Pressurized to make more calls in a day? Always choose quality over quantity, a little bit of what your product or service can do specifically for the client will help you with more conversions and lesser call log entries. 
  • Know your competitors, but always know what different are you offering and use the power of your ecosystem to ensure that you provide just the best solution to your client. 

In a field like ours, you need continual learning and well-changing tricks of the trade! So, here is where you can learn from the best. Get to our top cold call collection and inspire yourself away! After all, the more conversational you get in your cold calls, the more the chance of converting the lead to warm. Follow our pages and we will keep you updated with what’s working for sales today and what are some tricks you may need to steer clear of!