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Mailshake Pricing, Features and Alternatives (with strengths and weaknesses)

Gautham Nagaraj

ByGautham Nagaraj

Published January 26, 2023

Outplay, the best mailshake alternatives, pricing

Evaluating Mailshake as an outreach tool? This article will help you break down all the details to help you make an informed choice. From Mailshake pricing, features and more, this article will also present you with a Mailshare alternative that you might have been looking for (but didn’t know about).

  1. What is Mailshake?
  2. Top Mailshake features
  3. Mailshake disadvantages
  4. Outplay, the Mailshake alternative you need


What is Mailshake?

Mailshake is software that automates email outreach and sales engagement. Mailshake helps teams send personalized cold emails and engage with prospects across social media and calls from one platform. 

B2B SaaS organizations usually use Mailshake in the sales and marketing functions to personalize email campaigns at scale, schedule the, and track their performance. 


Top Mailshake Features

1. Email personalization and automation - 

Mailshake allows you to reach your entire prospect list at once with email outreach campaigns that include automated follow-ups. It also lets you personalize your email with recipient-specific links using mail merge. Mailshake also allows you to pause sequences based on prospect action like a reply or unsubscribe. 

2. Email warmup 

Mailshake helps you increase your reply rate by ensuring more of your outreaches land in prospect inboxes and not spam. Mailshake offers email domain setup assistant to help reps create fresh domains with good sending health. It also includes free email warm-up to ensure better deliverability and establish a strong email score.

3. Rep coaching

Mailshake provides onboarding training to help teams navigate the platform. They also offer additional support in the form of weekly training calls on copywriting, list-building and more; and cold email-writing masterclasses to help improve the quality of your outreaches. 

4. Campaign and performance tracking -

Mailshake offers campaign analytics to track what outreach works best and to improve open, reply and click rates. It also helps track individual and team performance at a glance to either replicate or course correct, as the case may be.


Mailshake disadvantages

Limited functionalities - While Mailshake offers end-to-end email automation, its sales engagement functionalities are limited. Other platforms like Outplay offer automated multi-channel sequences across email, calls, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Texts in addition. Mailshake’s chrome extension also doesn’t have the capability to help you prospect in a few clicks. 

Basic Dialer - The Mailshake dialer is limited to recording and playback options. Its capabilities with regard to coaching reps with live call monitoring, listening, and call whispering are limited. You will also need to dial each number from your list manually. Software like Outplay have dialing automations that help you move down your call list automatically to help you get more done. 

Mailshake pricing - Mailshake pricing plans are at $58/month and $83/month for email outreach and sales engagement respectively. For a predominantly email-outreached centered platform, the pricing is steep. The costs of integrations are also not inclusive, and adds on to the invoice. Another strike against Mailshake pricing is that adding on new seats to the plans drives up the pricing significantly. 

Complex set up - While Mailshake integrates with your Gmail, you can’t access Mailshake functionalities from your inbox directly. Which means that you’ll have to toggle between the two interfaces, which is essentially more time-consuming and complex. Also, while Mailshake offers custom domains to ensure better deliverability of your emails, the set up of the custom domain is hard. Sales teams often take longer to figure these out or end up going to customer support. All this ends up lengthening implementation and onboarding.


Outplay, the Mailshake alternative you need

Why settle for an email outreach campaign when you can have an end-to-end sales engagement platform that will help your team prospect, engage across multiple channels,track and sell from a single place. All at a killer price.

Outplay, the best mailshake alternative

We have everything you’re looking for, along with some game-changers that you might not find anywhere else. 

A prospect database of millions

Speed up your sales cycle with access to real-time verified data for 850 million professionals across 35 million companies, worldwide. Found what you were looking for? Add your leads to automated and personalized multi-channel sequences right from Outplay with just a few clicks.


Prospect database if millions by Outplay the best mailshake alternative

Multi-channel outreach

No modern sales strategy is complete without multi-channel engagement. Combine email, call, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and outbound chat and engage your prospects wherever they are -  with the right message, at the right time, on the right channels and drive more revenue. 


multichannel outreach by Outplay, the mailshake competitor

Dynamic sequences

What if your sales team could spend more hours/day selling? Outplay does exactly that. It eliminates busy work by automating your sales process with Triggers.  Auto-update your prospects’ journey with multi-channel Dynamic Sequencing across email, SMS, calls, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t stop there, recycle or revisit your ICP at a later point in time and close the deal.


Dynamic sequences by Outplay

AI-powered conversational intelligence

Outplay’s conversation intelligence tool identifies and surfaces data on new opportunities to help you accelerate sales and close more deals .Leverage AI to figure out which prospect is most likely to say yes and who might stall. Capture buyer intent by analyzing data from every touchpoint to prioritize the right deals. Analyze emotion cues to enhance your prospects’ buying experience. 


AI powered conversation intelligence by Outplay

Repeatable growth with the right data

Get easy-to-read, real-time insights to stay on top of your team's performance and drive more revenue. Track sales sequence stats, opportunity stages, meetings booked, prospect status, and task execution. Analyze every sales call. Get better visibility into your sales pipeline and performance.


Repeatable growth with the right data

Power-dialer - next-level call automation

Stop losing time on logging and dialing calls with the Power Dialer. The Power Dialer helps you speed through your list by automatically dialing the next prospect after each call, skipping to the next call when a prospect is unavailable or leaving a pre-configured pre-recorded voice message.


Power-dialer - next-level call automation

Effective outreach with Outplay Connect

Our Chrome extension - Outplay Connect, takes prospecting to a whole new level. Capture prospects with a few clicks from LinkedIn and  Gmail, add them to sequences, check off your tasks, and more - without even switching tabs. Engage with your prospects across Salesforce and host of other CRMs right from the extension.


Effective outreach with Outplay Connect

Hassle-free scheduling

Insert meeting slots into emails and embed a calendar on your website to get those meetings booked instantly. Loose no time in connecting prospects to an available rep with round-robin scheduling. And stop the back-and-forths and transform your scheduling to close more deals, faster.

Hassle-free scheduling by Outplay the best mailshake alternative

Native Slack Integration

Sell more from an app you have open all day - Slack. Get notified on missed calls, replies, website visits and also when a prospect becomes a hot lead. Add, edit and update prospect data and tasks. Do everything from assigning prospects to sequences, to change deal stages on your CRM - without leaving Slack.


Native Slack Integration

Wide marketplace of integrations

Outplay works out of the box with major CRMs - Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho CRM and your other everyday apps for a seamless two-way sync that eliminates admin work. Our wide integration marketplace makes it easy for your sales stack to perform as one, and ensures that there’s 0 manual data work for your reps. 


Wide marketplace of integrations

Dedicated customer support

When you choose Outplay you get a priority support team that’s there for you 24x5. Because dedicated customer support is something we feel passionately about. That’s what makes us industry-leaders in customer support function with a G2 score of 9.9.

Our customers love us for the quick resolutions we offer, pre-and post-sale. And the best part is, we don't charge additional money for support.

Transparent pricing with no rigid contracts

With its affordable single-slab pricing, Outplay makes it easy for you to pay for only the features you need and use. So get started right away and switch plans incrementally as you grow and scale. We help you expand your sales team, build a stronger sales pipeline and grow your revenue - all without worrying about budgets.

Ready to take sales to the next level? Start your free trial today. Want to talk to our experts about what Outplay can help you achieve? Book your personalized demo.