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Outreach Pricing, Features and Alternatives (with strengths and weaknesses)

Gautham Nagaraj

ByGautham Nagaraj

Published January 6, 2023

Outreach pricing

Outreach is one of the market leaders in the sales tech space and a frequent ‘Sales Engagement Leader’ title holder on the Forrester Wave. So, if you’re in the market, is Outreach what you’re looking for? This post will break down what you need to know about Outreach pricing, platform, features, and more.

What is

Outreach is a Seattle-headquartered sales execution and engagement platform that offers outbound sales, deal tracking, and revenue forecasting solutions to enterprises. Outreach aims to help businesses increase sales and drive revenue predictability with functionalities like:

  • Multi-channel outbound engagement
  • Sequence automation
  • AI-powered sales efficiency  
  • Sales analytics and reports
  • Platform integrations with sales and rev op tools 

While it has a range of other use cases, Outreach specializes in helping sales teams close deals faster by streamlining outbound sales with automated workflows and more.

Outreach Key Features

Outreach helps sales teams build efficiency and scale with features like -

  • Outbound sales automation workflows: Outreach offers automated prospecting sequences that target contacts with the right messaging on the right channel without reps having to assign them manually. For example, Outreach can move prospects between sequences based on the criteria you set, ensuring that reps don’t have to do this manually. 
  • AI-powered sales insights: Outreach helps drive lead conversion by leveraging AI to analyze prospect behavior and actions to identify hot leads, target them with personalized messaging, and follow up with the right templates. 
  • Outreach assistant: The Outreach assistant automatically pulls all relevant prospect data from all sources, including your CRM and email, and surfaces it to every rep to ensure that they have up-to-date information at hand. 
  • Deal activity tracker: Outreach allows sales leads to gain visibility into deal activities and opportunities, as well as into rep activity and performance. Outreach surfaces this data in the form of customizable reports that help sales teams set priorities, strategies, and staffing needs. 

Outreach also lets teams test their sequences (like the body copy or subject matter of emails) to find the most impactful one. Outreach also has a dialer that helps reps manage and log calls efficiently without having to switch platforms. 

Outreach Drawbacks

1. Outreach pricing

The Outreach pricing is not freely available on their website and is only available on request (which isn’t exactly transparent). However, on research, you will find that Outreach pricing starts at about $100/month/user - the average cost slab of upper-end packages for most alternative solutions. 

Outreach also charges additionally for onboarding, implementation, and customer support - everything comes at a cost! Premium onboarding packages come at a hefty price tag of $1000+ to help you with integration (and this is without regular customer support). 

In addition to the pricing, Outreach also only offers annual contracts, which (along with the pricing) is restrictive.

2. Long implementation and onboarding cycle 

Outreach is built for enterprise-sized teams. This means that it has features and navigation that are very complex and not always necessary for teams that aren’t as big. This complexity makes it impossible to implement Outreach and onboard reps without expert help and training. Large enterprises may have the cost and manpower resources for that.

Others will have to pay to have Outreach experts help - which doesn’t come cheap. The complexity of the platform also means that teams using it will take a while to find their way around. Which means that it’ll be a while before they can get productive on it. All this makes Outreach’s time-to-value longer than you might like. 

3. Incompatibility with multiple CRMs

Outreach has native syncs with a very limited set of sales tools and CRMs. Outreach only offers a native integration with Salesforce and other top-end sales and monitoring tools. 

This means that your legacy tech stack might be incompatible with your engagement platform, which means data sync troubles (which is not great), or might end up making your reps do more manual entries than they should.

4. Unsupportive customer support

Outreach’s customer support is characterized by long wait times. It also isn’t free.

Outplay, the best Outreach alternative 

If you want the powerful enterprise-grade capabilities without the restrictive pricing, it’s time to look at the best Outreach alternative - Outplay. 

Outplay is the all-in-one sales stack for new-age businesses.  We help sales teams prospect, engage, and SELL from a single platform to accelerate revenue growth - at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. 

Outplay, the best Outreach alternative

We have everything you’re looking for, along with some game-changers that you might not find anywhere else. 

1. A prospect database of millions

Speed up your sales cycle with access to real-time verified data for 850 million professionals across 35 million companies worldwide. Found what you were looking for? Add your leads to automated and personalized multi-channel sequences from Outplay with just a few clicks.

Prospect database by Outplay

2. Multi-channel outreach

No modern sales strategy is complete without multi-channel engagement. Combine email, call, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and outbound chat and engage your prospects wherever they are -  with the right message, at the right time, on the right channels and drive more revenue.

Outplay multichannel outreach software

3. Dynamic sequences

What if your sales team could spend more hours/day selling? Outplay does exactly that. It eliminates busy work by automating your sales process with Triggers.  Auto-update your prospects’ journey with multi-channel Dynamic Sequencing across email, SMS, calls, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t stop there, recycle or revisit your ICP at a later point in time and close the deal.

Multi channel dynamic sequencing by Outplay

4. AI-powered conversational intelligence

Outplay’s conversation intelligence tool identifies and surfaces data on new opportunities to help you accelerate sales and close more deals . Leverage AI to determine which prospect will most likely say yes and who might stall. Capture buyer intent by analyzing data from every touchpoint to prioritize the right deals. Analyze emotion cues to enhance your prospects’ buying experience.

Accelerate sales and close more deals with Outplay conversation intelligence

5. Repeatable growth with the right data

Get easy-to-read, real-time insights to maintain your team's performance and drive more revenue. Track sales sequence stats, opportunity stages, meetings booked, prospect status, and task execution. Analyze every sales call. Get better visibility into your sales pipeline and performance.

Get real time insights with Outplay, the best outreach alternative

6. Power-dialer - next-level call automation

Stop losing time on logging and dialing calls with the Power Dialer. The Power Dialer helps you speed through your list by automatically dialing the next prospect after each call, skipping to the next call when a prospect is unavailable, or leaving a pre-configured pre-recorded voice message.

Outplay's Power Dialer to dial prospect automatically

7. Effective outreach with Outplay Connect

Our Chrome extension - Outplay Connect, takes prospecting to a new level. Capture prospects with a few clicks from LinkedIn and  Gmail, add them to sequences, check off your tasks, and more - without switching tabs. Engage with your prospects across Salesforce and a host of other CRMs right from the extension. 

Effective outreach with Outplay Connect

8. Hassle-free scheduling

Insert meeting slots into emails and embed a calendar on your website to get those meetings booked instantly. Loose no time in connecting prospects to an available rep with round-robin scheduling. And stop the back-and-forths and transform your scheduling to close more deals, faster. 

Hassle free meeting scheduling with Outplay

9. Native Slack Integration

Sell more from an app you have open all day - Slack. Get notified on missed calls, replies, website visits, and when a prospect becomes a hot lead. Add, edit, and update prospect data and tasks. Do everything from assigning prospects to sequences to changing deal stages on your CRM - without leaving Slack.

Native Slack Integration

10. Wide marketplace of integrations

Outplay works out of the box with major CRMs - Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, and your other everyday apps for a seamless two-way sync that eliminates admin work. Our wide integration marketplace makes it easy for your sales stack to perform as one and ensures that there’s 0 manual data work for your reps. 

Outplay wide integration marketplace

11. Dedicated customer support

When you choose Outplay, you get a priority support team that’s there for you 24x5. Because dedicated customer support is something we feel passionately about. That’s what makes us industry leaders in customer support functions, with a G2 score of 9.9.

Our customers love us for the quick resolutions we offer, pre- and post-sale. And the best part is we don't charge additional money for support.

12. Transparent pricing with no rigid contracts

With its affordable single-slab pricing, Outplay makes it easy for you to pay for only the features you need and use. So get started right away and switch plans incrementally as you grow and scale. We help you expand your sales team, build a stronger sales pipeline, and grow your revenue - all without worrying about budgets.

Ready to Outplay?

We built Outplay to make sales easy. Don’t struggle with a sales stack that works against you. Choose one dedicated to empowering you with powerful capabilities that transform sales, build pipeline,s and accelerate revenue growth. And one that fits in your budget. A real bang for your buck. Don’t wait. Try Outplay today. 

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