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One platform, one solution. Multiple platforms, scattered solutions. 

Which one sounds better?

Before you answer that, imagine this: You're investing in 8+ sales tools, and your sales team spends more time oscillating between these tools for data, feeding information, etc. This leaves your team confused, with no time for putting their pitches forward. And not just the chaos, but investing in a line of tools means spilling more cash out of your sales budget.

What if you had one solution to combat all these problems, that is cost-effective and can help you take your revenue high up the ladder?

Especially now that we’re facing the effects of an economic downturn, curbing costs has become more important than ever. 

A recent study by Deloitte after surveying CFOs has found that the top 3 priorities of CFOs for 2023 are cost management (53%), financial performance (50%), and inorganic and organic growth (38%).

A sales engagement platform (SEP) like Outplay can help you cut down costs drastically, increase your company's revenue and help bring in customers day in and day out. As a CFO, this is exactly what you need to meet your 2023 vision.

It’s time to consolidate your sales tech stack so that your team can sell 10x better.

Let’s take you through why you need to make the switch today! 

Reason #1: Sail through the recession

According to IMF, global growth is expected to slow down from 3.2 % to 2.7 % this year (2023). This results in reduced consumer spending and the need to re-evaluate your expenses as a company.

Quality>Quantity. This becomes even more important during a slowdown. While cutting costs, you’d be forced to bid goodbye to some tools. This can be even more straining if you don’t have a one-stop solution to fall back on. 

Your sales team doesn’t need a piled-up sales stack. To push through the economic recession, a cost-effective tool at a slashed price is the way to go.

And not just cost-effective, but one that is powerful. Outplay is your sales engagement platform that can do it all, and most importantly cut costs by a HUGE margin. 

Reason #2: The power of one

Multiple log-ins and duplicate information across various sales tools. Complicated, right? A sales engagement platform helps consolidate your sales tech stack and removes the need for investing in a series of sales tools.

A SEP is a robust and powerful tool to scale your sales numbers and hit your targets month on month. You don’t need to have a subscription to countless tools anymore.

Here’s what you can do with such a platform:  

  • Engage your prospects wherever they are - with a multi-channel approach  
  • Drive revenue with real-time insights 
  • Onboard your reps faster 
  • Have the right balance of automation and personalization 
  • Learn from every sales interaction and get smarter 
  • Integrate with all of your favorite tools 

Reason #3: No annual contract lock-ins

Don’t get stuck with any annual contract lock-ins.

By choosing Outplay, you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription plan anytime.

Of course, all downgrades and cancellations will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle, while upgrades will take effect immediately.

And isn’t that better? Having the freedom to change your plan whenever you want.

Take a look for yourself here

Reason #4: Productive sales team

If there’s one sales tool that does the majority of the grunt work - that is a sales engagement platform. Your sales team can finally focus on the one thing that they’re set out on in sales, i.e. selling!

With effective automation, triggers within the sales sequence, and features like lead sourcing, an in-built meeting scheduler, chrome extension, etc, your sales team can zoom through tasks and hit their targets on time. There’s no space for getting overwhelmed or lost in the chaos anymore!

They can sell big or small with ease. Not just having more time in their hands, but having the ability to sell efficiently - with the help of correct data, and features to help prospect faster and close deals in no time.

Reason #5: Shoot your revenue

Retaining customers, upsells, and closing deals. Multiplying your revenue definitely comes from these sources, but you need a platform that can increase your chances of getting in more contracts and satisfying your current customers.

With Outplay’s powerful analytics, you can optimize your sales strategy and drive predictable revenue growth - all thanks to the insights delivered straight to your dashboard.

And with the power dialer, live call monitoring, and coaching, you can understand the impact of every sales conversation and learn when the prospect needs a nudge.

Sales Intelligence is changing the way you sell, and investing in an affordable SEP is the stepping stone to success. 

Reason #6: Lead qualification

In the realm of sales, identifying high-quality leads is paramount. During a recession, this becomes even more crucial.

Enter the sales engagement platform, a trusty companion on your sales journey. Harnessing its power, you unlock the ability to automate lead qualification, simplifying the process and saving you precious time.

With a sales engagement platform like Outplay, you gain access to its powerful lead sourcing. Say goodbye to manual guesswork as Outplay analyzes prospect engagement and behavior, uncovering the hidden gems among the crowd. 

Outplay's lead sourcing eliminates the days of chasing dead-end leads or missing out on promising opportunities. The platform's insights are at your fingertips, enabling you to prioritize your efforts intelligently and direct resources toward leads with the highest conversion potential. This efficiency not only boosts your team's productivity but also supercharges your sales outcomes.

Reason #7: Data-driven decision making

Picture this: you're standing at a crossroads, trying to figure out the best way forward for your sales team. Which path should you choose? How can you ensure success in an ever-evolving marketplace? That's where data-driven decision-making comes to the rescue.

Imagine having a trusty sales engagement platform by your side, crunches numbers, analyzes customer interactions, and unveils powerful insights that reveal the true potential of your sales strategies.

But here's the best part: this data isn't just numbers and figures on a spreadsheet. Oh no! It's your crystal ball that predicts customer behaviors, identifies trends, and uncovers golden opportunities. With all this information, you become a sales maestro, orchestrating your team's efforts with precision.

Picture yourself confidently making decisions, armed with data-backed insights. You fine-tune your sales strategies, optimize resource allocation, and spot areas for improvement. 

And guess what? This sales engagement platform like Outplay doesn't hoard its insights like a grumpy dragon. It presents the data in beautiful, user-friendly dashboards and reports that even a tech novice can understand. Your team gets on board, empowered to set measurable goals, track progress, and celebrate victories together.

Reason #8: Enhanced customer relationship management

When you thought you couldn't elevate your customer relationships any further, a sales engagement platform can act as a game-changer. It brings with it the power to revolutionize your approach to customer relationship management.

No more searching through endless files or struggling to recall previous conversations. This platform consolidates all customer interactions into a single, user-friendly interface. It's like having a crystal-clear window into the hearts and minds of your customers, enabling your sales team to engage on a whole new level.

But that's just the beginning. Your team can even now provide tailored experiences that go above and beyond expectations. Armed with valuable insights and a deep understanding of customer preferences, they deliver personalized recommendations, anticipate needs, and create a sense of connection that keeps customers coming back for more.

Fortunately, a sales engagement platform like Outplay is your steadfast ally. It equips you to build enduring relationships with your valued customers, showing them that they're more than just another sale. Through personalized follow-ups, exclusive offers, and proactive support, you foster a sense of loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates.

Reason #9: Seamless remote sales enablement

Picture this: a team of dedicated sales professionals spread across different locations, working from the comfort of their homes, but still seamlessly connected and collaborating towards a common goal. How is this possible? With a sales engagement platform that enables seamless remote sales enablement.

Accessing the platform with just a few clicks, no matter where they are. They can effortlessly communicate, share valuable insights, and collaborate on deals as if they were sitting side by side in the same office. No more time-consuming coordination or missed opportunities due to physical distance.

Through this virtual hub, your team can engage with prospects using various multi-channels, be it email, phone, or social media. They can easily manage their pipelines, track customer interactions, and access critical sales collateral, all in one place. The platform empowers your team to provide personalized and timely support, ensuring that no leads slip through the cracks.

Reason #10: Adaptive sales strategies

Imagine having the ability to tailor your sales strategies to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers. A sales engagement platform provides you with the tools to do just that! It allows your sales team to stay one step ahead in the dynamic business landscape.

You can easily modify your sales strategies to align with shifting market trends and customer preferences. Whether it's adjusting your messaging, targeting a new audience segment, or exploring innovative sales channels, the platform empowers you to experiment and fine-tune your approach.

The beauty of an adaptive sales strategy lies in its ability to respond to real-time feedback and insights. The platform's analytics and data-driven capabilities provide you with valuable information on customer interactions and sales performance. 

Think of it as a chameleon-like ability for your sales team, effortlessly adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape. By embracing an adaptive sales approach, you can seize opportunities as they arise, tackle challenges head-on, and drive revenue growth.

Embrace the future of sales with a sales engagement platform

If you want to cut costs, bring in more deals and revenue, and take away all the manual work so that your team can focus only on selling, you have to bring in a sales engagement platform.

Change the way you sell with Outplay: Book a demo. We have all the features you need to help you inch closer to your revenue goals.