In the fast-paced business environment, most sales teams rely on powerful tools to engage with prospects, close deals, and drive revenue growth.

These sales engagement platforms provide comprehensive solutions that will help you streamline outreach efforts, automate tasks, and provide valuable insights into sales processes. From intelligent automation to personalized messaging and advanced analytics, these platforms offer a range of capabilities to your enhance sales team productivity.

So we have curated a list of the best sales engagement platforms in 2023 to help you make an informed decision on the ideal platform to optimize your sales strategies and achieve success.

What is a sales engagement platform?

A sales engagement platform, also known as sales engagement software or sales engagement solution, serves as a centralized hub and integrates various communication channels, such as email, phone, social media, and more, providing a seamless and unified view of prospect and customer engagement across the sales organization.

Sales engagement platforms also leverage intelligent automation features to streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up sales representatives' time to focus on building meaningful relationships with prospects.

Additionally, they also offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into sales performance and enabling teams to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

What are the benefits of using sales engagement platforms?

Sales engagement platforms offer a multitude of benefits for sales teams and organizations seeking to enhance their sales processes and drive revenue growth. Here are five key benefits of using sales engagement platforms:

1. Enhanced productivity

Sales engagement platforms automate repetitive tasks, such as email sequencing, follow-ups, and data entry, allowing sales reps to focus on high-value activities like building relationships and closing deals.

With streamlined workflows, sales teams can efficiently manage and prioritize their tasks, resulting in increased productivity and time savings.

2. Personalized interactions

These platforms enable personalized and targeted communication with prospects and customers. Through data-driven insights and customer profiling, sales reps can deliver tailored messages and content, enhancing engagement and building stronger connections with potential buyers.

3. Improved sales effectiveness

Sales engagement platforms offer intelligent features that help sales teams identify the most promising leads and the best times to engage with them.

By providing real-time notifications and analytics, sales reps can seize opportunities and optimize their sales efforts, leading to improved overall sales effectiveness.

4. Centralized data management

With a centralized hub for customer interactions, sales engagement platforms ensure that all data, communications, and customer touchpoints are captured and stored in one place.

This holistic view enables sales teams to access relevant information quickly and make data-driven decisions, resulting in a more efficient and organized sales process.

5. Excellent reporting and analytics

Sales engagement platforms provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, offering insights into team performance, prospect engagement, and sales pipeline health.

By analyzing this data, sales leaders can identify areas for improvement, measure the success of sales strategies, and make informed decisions to drive continuous growth.

Top 20 best sales engagement platforms 

Discover the 20 top sales engagement tools that will empower your sales team to reach new heights in connecting with leads and turning them into loyal customers.

1. Outplay 

Outplay is a new-age sales engagement platform (SEP) that automates all your outreach efforts thereby giving you more meetings, more closed deals, and more revenue.

It is designed especially for SMBs focused on personalizing sales engagement at scale and driving higher revenue. The tool comes with an intuitive user interface and best-in-class customer support.

But what’s unique about Outplay?

Multi-channel sales engagement

Unifying various sales channels on a single platform, the tool makes multi-channel engagement effortless. From emailphone, and SMS to LinkedIn and Twitter, you can engage your prospects wherever they are.

Analytics for predictable revenue growth

Outplay’s powerful inbuilt analytics tracker helps evaluate which touch patterns are converting to connections and meetings. Analysis derived from this feature enables you to take corrective action where needed and predict future revenue.


Improve your performance with conversational intelligence

Outplay's Conversation Intelligence (CI) is a game-changer, using technology and analytics to extract valuable insights from sales reps' conversations with prospects. By recording and analyzing these interactions, CI uncovers patterns, trends, and opportunities for enhancing the sales process, boosting customer engagement, and sealing more deals. 

Some exciting features include automatic call recording with accurate transcripts, AI-powered identification of important topics like competitors or pricing, highlighting next steps and areas needing attention, seamless collaboration with team members through comments and tags, easy sharing of recordings and snippets for review, and real-time use of battle cards to address objections with trigger keyword detection.


Best-in-class integrations

The platform also integrates with a host of sales tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Gong, Pipedrive, and Gmail to automate all your manual tasks. These include updating data on the CRM, sending trigger notifications for a follow-up, and setting up scheduled series of sales touchpoints such as emails, SMSes, messages, and call reminders. Hence, with Outplay you can stop spending time on non-revenue-generating tasks and operate efficiently to perform at your peak.

2. Mailshake

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform designed explicitly for making cold email outreach seamless. You can thus develop and launch sales and marketing email campaigns with ease.

Key features:

  • Powerful analytics 
  • Personalized emails
  • Native integrations to Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot
  • Email warmup
  • Rep coaching

3. Outreach

Outreach is a platform with sales engagement and automation capabilities that aid your sales teams in closing the sales execution gap and helping them in accelerating their revenue generation.

Key features:

  • Automated data sync
  • Meeting scheduler
  • AI-driven analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Supports 90+ integrations across ABM, email, CRM, and chat

4. Yesware

Yesware is an email inbox tool that enables sales engagement. As it seamlessly plugs into your inbox, you can use the tool’s features to gather key email metrics and close more deals.

Key features:

  • Personalized emails 
  • Email tracking 
  • Email templates
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Integration with Salesforce and LinkedIn

5. Salesloft

Salesloft is a B2B sales engagement software built to help sales teams drive more revenue and conversations. With conversation intelligence as part of the platform, sales reps get AI-based analysis of their sales conversations.

Key features:

  • Automated sales cadences
  • Auto- dialer
  • Pipeline management
  • Call recording
  • Third-party integrations

6. is a comprehensive sales engagement platform that provides data-driven insights, contact information, and personalized engagement tools to help sales teams effectively target and convert prospects into customers.

Key features:

  • Sequence automation
  • Linkedin extension
  • Lead scoring
  • Performance analytics
  • Email automation

7. Mixmax

Mixmax helps to optimize email communication for sales teams. It streamlines and automates processes, tracks email engagement, and enhances productivity, ultimately enabling more effective prospecting and successful deal closures.

Key features:

  • Tracking and analytics
  • One-click scheduling
  • Call recordings
  • Email templates
  • Email automation

8. Lemlist

Lemlist is a sales engagement platform that specializes in personalized email outreach. It enables sales teams to create and send customized, high-converting emails at scale, resulting in improved prospect engagement and increased sales conversions.

Key features:

  • Multi-channel prospecting
  • Email warm-up
  • Native cold call integration
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Video prospecting

9. is a sales engagement software that automates email and multi-channel outreach. It helps sales teams to efficiently manage and execute personalized communication, leading to higher response rates and improved sales results.

Key features:

  • Contact database
  • Multichannel sequences
  • Chrome extension
  • Email and sequence templates
  • AI email assistant

10. Klenty

Klenty automates and optimizes outbound sales processes. It enables sales teams to send personalized emails, follow-ups, and automated workflows, increasing efficiency and driving higher conversion rates.

Key features:

  • Multichannel outreach
  • Sales sequences
  • Dialer
  • Email automation
  • Reports

11. Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a range of tools and functionality to empower sales teams. It helps streamline sales processes, track customer interactions, and provide insights to effectively manage leads, deals, and customer relationships.

Key features:

  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Pipeline management
  • Integration APIs
  • Lead management
  • Account-based engagement

12. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a sales engagement platform that specializes in personalized email outreach and follow-ups. It helps sales teams automate and manage email campaigns, track responses, and boost prospect engagement for more successful sales conversions.

Key features:

  • Automated email campaigns
  • Personalization and follow-ups
  • A/B testing for email optimization
  • Email tracking and analytics
  • Seamless CRM integrations

13. is a sales engagement software that empowers sales teams with tools for email prospecting, lead generation, and outreach. It enables users to find, verify, and reach out to potential customers, streamlining the entire sales process.

Key features:

  • Email finder and verifier
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email analytics
  • Contact list management
  • Email templates 

14. Saleshandy

Saleshandy helps in streamlining sales processes with email tracking, automated follow-ups, meeting scheduling, and personalized templates. You will gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and maximize your sales potential. 

Key features:

  • Email Scheduling
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Engagement analytics
  • Event trigger actions
  • Third party integraations 

15. QuickMail

QuickMail is an email automation and sales engagement platform. Streamline your outbound sales process with personalized emails, automated follow-ups, and detailed analytics. Boost your productivity and close more deals with QuickMail.

Key features:

  • Email warmup
  • Blacklists monitoring
  • Lead management
  • Automated email responses
  • A/B testing

16. Smartreach

SmartReach helps sales teams automate email outreach, track engagement, personalize messages, and optimize campaigns, resulting in increased prospect engagement and higher conversion rates.

Key features:

  • Email automation 
  • Advanced email tracking 
  • Customizable workflows
  • Seamless CRM integration 
  • Intelligent Scheduling 

17. Overloop

Overloop is a sales engagement platform that optimizes sales processes for maximum efficiency. It enables sales teams to streamline communication and collaborate effectively, empowering them to achieve exceptional sales results.

Key features:

  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • LinkedIn automation
  • Email tracking
  • Integrations & syncing
  • Workflow automation and task management

18. Groove

Let Groove take the lead and empower you to witness automation maximizing efficiency and effectiveness across the customer journey. With Groove, you can achieve more with less effort and drive revenue growth like never before.

Key features:

  • Native Salesforce integration
  • Workflow management
  • Automated emails
  • CRM integration
  • Conversation intelligence

19. ZoomInfo SalesOS

Supercharge your sales strategy with ZoomInfo SalesOS. Dominate your market by tapping into the massive, up-to-the-minute database packed with invaluable insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data on companies and contacts. 

Key features:

  • Lead generation
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time notifications

20. Salesken

Boost your sales team's performance and slash acquisition costs with Salesken! This cutting-edge conversational intelligence platform delivers real-time cues to empower your reps during customer interactions.

Key features:

  • Conversational analytics
  • Customer intelligence
  • Pitch score
  • Cloud telephony
  • Transcription

Elevate Your Prospecting Strategy with the Perfect Sales Engagement Platform

There you have it - 20 Sales Engagement Platforms to help your sales teams prospect efficiently and effectively to close more deals. 

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