Pipedrive Outplay Integration

The best sales CRM & sales outreach platform join hands to give your sales team the outreach experience they always wanted!

Are you searching for Pipedrive integrations that will help your sales teams book more meetings?? You have come to the right place. With true bi-directional sync between Pipedrive and Outplay, you no longer have to import or export your prospects between systems - Outplay will auto-import them. No more manually transferring prospects to specific sequences, they will be auto-enrolled based on the conditions you select.

What makes Outplay as one of the best Pipedrive integrations for result-oriented outreach is you can take all the data collected from Outplay like email clicks, opens, replies and more, back to Pipedrive database to make your prospect data even more useful for further nurturing.

Pipedrive Outplay Integration Video Tutorial

A step by step guide to set up your integration in 5 minutes!

Top Features

No time wasted on importing prospects

Your prospects on Pipedrive will automatically be your prospects on your Outplay account. Just focus on crafting your approach to outreach them.

We make your sequences more intelligent

Select the conditions for which you want your prospects to be divided into different sequences and we will automatically place them there.

Make your Pipedrive data richer and actionable

We automatically take the detailed analytical data from your campaigns back to Pipedrive, so you can target your prospects in a much better way. This integration provides you the true bi-directional flow of data.

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