Leverage AI-Enhanced Real-Time Intelligence in Every Conversation

Outplay’s Conversation Intelligence leverages the power of Generative AI to analyse conversations, extracts actionable customer insights that can significantly elevate sales performance. 

With Outplay, you can accelerate rep onboarding, boost meeting productivity and stay ahead of conversation trends.

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Close more deals with the Outplay conversation intelligence platform

Say goodbye to guesswork

Dive into a world of AI-generated call transcripts and analysis. 

No more wasting time listening to every call – with transcripts, you can read, locate, and even add notes and comments. 

Save valuable time by effortlessly skipping to the most important parts of the conversation, gaining deep insights into your prospects' behavior.

Act faster, close more deals!

Get a concise summary of prospect calls, understanding where you left off. 

Our AI-powered assistant prompts action items, helping you accelerate the path to a sale. 

Easily check off action-items and track key highlights like questions and objections and consolidate all in one place.

Outplay’s Conversation Intelligence features

Instantly record and transcribe calls in real-time from anywhere

Experience real-time call recording and transcription with unrivaled accuracy. Our adaptive AI model learns your organization's vocabulary, capturing crucial details like product names, competitors, and industry terms. It supports all your favourite meeting platforms including zoom, gmeet, teams and many more. 

AI note-taker

Say goodbye to manual note-taking as our AI-powered transcription captures contextualize critical details during your sales conversations with the power of personalized notes. Add specific information, customer preferences, or action items to ensure nothing important is overlooked. The AI prompts action items discussed during the call from our AI-powered assistant.

Trends and buyer sentiment in calls

Uncover insightful information about trending topics and buyer sentiment within your calls, all without the need to attend every single conversation. Capture the reactions and sentiments expressed by your buyers. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you can stay informed about important trends, adapt your approach accordingly, and make data-driven decisions to drive sales success.

Your personal live assistant

Set yourself up for success with our live assistance guided experience during your call.  Get account and contact details with history, and a playbook to help you navigate the call effortlessly. Battle cards for any inquiries about competitors, product features, pricing and much more. The live assistant ties it all together with call summaries and actions to take the deal forward.

Collaborate and capture more opportunities

Seamlessly and securely share the whole call or snippets and tag multiple people across teams at the right place to get all hands on deck, share comments, collaborate and close that deal.

With Slack push notifications, you can stay updated on important events related to your calls without having to constantly check Outplay. Now, receive instant notifications on the app you have open all day for pre-call actions, call summaries, comments, action items, and more.

Enhanced rep coaching

Use call scoring to enhance the quality of your sales rep calls. Our AI tracks and analyzes calls to help you understand prospect trends and common threads to help you coach your reps to level up.

Create a library of shared snippets library. You can go back to things you need to listen to at any time, train your reps or refresh your memory and take the next steps that book meetings.

Outplay's Conversation Intelligence works with your favorite meeting platforms

Google Meet

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Why our customer ❤️ us

"Free, enterprise-level support.."

"You promised to help us, work with us, and not stop supporting us until we say we’re successful. This was a massive change from what we were used to with our previous sales engagement platform. This was huge."

Colby Davis
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

"Ramp up in days, not months.."

"Every time I bring on new sales reps, they get used to it really quickly and then thrive in it. Most of the reps I bring in are entry-level and haven’t used sales software before. In two or three days they’re booking demos using Outplay."

Sadya Zirkind
Sadya Zirkind

Director of Growth and Partnerships, Four

“On par with the likes of Salesloft and Outreach but a fraction of the price”

Really, really impressed with the customer service, the Customer Success team was always available and helped with all the queries I had, the response rate was within a few minutes no matter what time I reached out.

Ash D

Business Development Manager

Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.

Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton

VP of Sales, now CRO, UserVoice

"Great platform powering outbound sales"

We were looking for an outbound sales platform that integrated with Pipedrive. Outplay has exceeded our expectations. Our AEs and SDRs rave about the user experience. And the software has the features we need as we scale our sales team. Also, the customer support has been excellent.

Matt Estes

Chief Revenue Officer, Uscreen