Don’t settle for a Gmail plugin, your sales team deserves better

Looking for a Mixmax alternative? Engage more leads and drive more revenue with Outplay’s truly multi-channel sales engagement platform

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Why Outplay is a better Mixmax alternative

Engage your prospects wherever
they are

Combine email, call, SMS, LinkedIn, and Twitter into a multi-channel sequence and reach your prospects wherever they are with Outplay. Don’t just stop there, engage warm leads that land on your website from your email sequence with a personalized outbound chat message.

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Do more than just cold calling

With Mixmax being a Gmail plugin, you only get a basic call feature once you integrate with Dialpad. Call recording, storage, and live call monitoring is not offered by Mixmax.

With Outplay, you get a fully packed call capability. You can listen in on live sales calls, join, whisper, barge in on calls and coach your sales reps in real-time. With call recording and storage, you can go back to any sales call at any time, review it together with your team, or replicate your best reps winning moments to close more deals.

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Do it all with just a click

Capture prospects with a click from LinkedIn and Gmail with Outplay’s Chrome extension. Execute tasks, make calls, send emails, schedule meetings, update call outcomes, all with a single click on Outplay account and Chrome extension. Eliminate busy work and boost your sales team’s productivity with an easy-to-love sales engagement tool.

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Natively integrate CRM with zero friction

Mixmax works only with Salesforce and Pipedrive. And the direct integration is available only for users on their highest plans - Growth and Enterprise. For users on the lower plans you can only log outbound emails to your Salesforce account by adding Salesforce as auto-bcc. Even for users on the higher plan, the integration is very limited, your reps will end up spending more time doing manual data entry than actual selling.

Outplay comes with native integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho CRM and the two-way sync with the CRM is also seamless. Save your sales reps from drowning in data entry, help them focus on engaging more prospects and winning more deals.

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Sell more with the right data

Don’t let your prospects slip through the cracks by relying on Mixmax’s high-level reports. Dig down and deep dive with Outplay’s easy-to-read, real-time insights.

A/B test emails, track sequence stats, opportunity stages, meetings booked, prospect status, and task execution. Monitor every interaction you have with your prospects. Stay on top of your team’s performance and optimize your sales outreach. What more, you can even get periodic reports emailed to you.

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Easily integrate with the tools you already use

Leverage a whole bunch of native CRM integrations, robust API, and the power of Zapier to automatically sync your data and keep records up to date.
Salesforce integration with Outplay’s sales engagement platform


Pipedrive Outplay Integration for sales outreach platform


Hubspot Integration with Outplay sales engagement software


Gong Integration with Outplay sales automation software


Gmail Integration with Outplay sales engagement software


Office365 Integration with Outplay for sales automation

Office 365

Vidyard Integration with Outplay sales sequence software


Zapier Integration with Outplay email automation tool


Don't just take our word for it

See what some of our 10,000+ users across the globe have to say
Pete D, client of Outplay top sales engagement platforms

I decided to fund a license out of my pocket to pilot the solution before going to my management team to ask for more licensing. Not only was I impressed, but I also got excited. I have used SalesLoft and Outreach, and while they are reasonable solutions, they lack the support and customer care to warrant their hefty prices.

Pete D

Chief Marketing Officer, Flexxible IT
Steven S, client of the sales engagement solution Outplay

Love Outplay. The level of professionalism and desire to satisfy the customer is second to none. There is a sincere desire to make the customer happy. They have done a great job evolving the product from when I first started using it just about a couple of years ago. If you are considering a marketing automation program, I would highly recommend Outplay.

Steven S

MBTI® Certified Practitioner, Shaffer Consulting Group
Colby Davis, client of top sales automation platform Outplay

The best part of Outplay is the team behind the tool. They care about making sure that my team is successful and seeing the outcomes that we want to see. We were previously with a big name competitor but were not seeing a lot of success with their tool. The team at Outplay has changed that for us and we are seeing the ROI in a big way.

Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

Best in class Sales Engagement Platform

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Your search for a Mixmax alternative ends here. Try Outplay today. Your sales team deserves better than average.

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