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The focus is back on your sales team

Outplay is the rocket booster your sales team needs to crack more deals in the 21st century! Why you ask? Our specialized multi-channel platform comes in an ultra-simple single-slab pricing plan, which enables you to focus time on your sales team without wasting it on choosing confusing, over-priced plans!

We are the industry leader for customer support

We go the extra mile while resolving every customer query that comes our way, hence G2 (independent review company) has rated Outplay as the customer support leader in the Sales Engagement industry. With a rating of 9.9/10, we are like the Zappos of sales tools! One more thing, we don’t charge you additional money for a quick resolution.

Intuitive & easy to use design

Outplay is ridiculously easy to use, which means your team does not have to wait for special training before they can start using our tool! Because of this, our customers have cut down their ramp rate dramatically. Now their new employees start cracking deals within a week of joining! Safe to say, we are the most user-friendly sales tool out there.

Industry-leading features for spectacular growth!

We help our customers win more deals by equipping them with multi-channel sequences, sales automation, smart follow-ups, advanced analytics & many more such helpful features. Every single feature has been designed to contribute towards the revenue generation of your company. Think of us as the specialized tool kit that takes the work of your entire sales team to the next level!

Outplay User Ratings on G2

Ease of Use

Sales Engagement

Average: 8.9

Quality of Support

Sales Engagement

Average: 9.0

Ease of Setup

Sales Engagement

Average: 8.8

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