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Outplay is the best Klenty alternative to reach prospects wherever they are. Engage prospects across email, phone, SMS, social, Whatsapp and outbound chat

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Outplay is the best Klenty alternative

Why Outplay is a better Klenty alternative

We are a truly multi-channel outreach platform

Contrary to its claims, Klenty is not fully multi-channel. In addition to calls, SMS, email, chat, and LinkedIn that Klenty offers, on Outplay you can also reach your prospect via Twitter and magic outbound chat. When your prospects are everywhere why shouldn’t you? What your sales team needs is a truly multi-channel sales engagement platform. 

As the best Klenty alternative, we enable you to combine email, call, SMS, LinkedIn, and Twitter into a multi-channel sequence and reach your prospects wherever they are. Don’t just stop there, engage warm leads that land on your website from your Outplay email sequence with a personalized outbound chat message.

With the Klenty alternative - Outplay, you can engage your prospects across all channels

Don’t get slowed down by the dull & boring Klenty UI

Klenty’s interface is lifeless and uninspiring like an outdated database management system. But as the top Klenty competitor, we offer a super modern and intuitive user interface. You simply sign up and start launching multi-channel sales sequences within minutes on Outplay. You’ll know exactly where to go and what to do without losing your way on this Klenty alternative.

One of the reasons our customers love using Outplay is the easy-to-use interface and the ability to onboard new reps in a matter of minutes. Its intuitive user experience also allows for great adoption without any training saving you a lot of time and effort. 

Klenty competitor Outplay has easy-to-use interface

Unlike Klenty, we generate consumable insights

Outplay has always focused on giving you the best and our sales metrics are no different. We generate easy-to-read, real-time insights for every sales interaction so you can identify risks, uncover trends and recognize opportunities. Klenty on the other hand generates high-level reports but with vanity metrics that could drastically affect your business outcomes.

As the finest alternative to Klenty, we enable you to stay on top of your team’s performance. Track sales sequence stats, opportunity stages, meetings booked, prospect status, and task execution. Analyze every sales call. Get better visibility into your sales pipeline and performance. That’s not all, you can even get periodic reports emailed to you.

Klenty Alternative Outplay has real-time insights into your sales pipeline and performance

Integrated sales engagement engine

Outplay is a one-stop shop for an accurate prospecting database + an engagement engine that enables you to orchestrate sales cadences with an integrated multichannel approach. When using the best Klenty alternative, there is no need to procure additional systems or integrate multiple systems if you are looking to source contact data, build pipe and convert customers in one go.

Native CRM integrations without any friction

Outplay comes with native integrations with various tools such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho CRM and the two-way sync with the CRM is absolutely seamless. Keep your sales reps from drowning in data entry by choosing the right Klenty competitor - Outplay. Not only will you save them their precious time, but also help them focus more on engaging prospects and winning deals.

Intelligent AI capabilities

Outplay, the best Klenty alternative comes with power-packed AI capabilities and includes three game-changers in the form of hot leads, objection handling, and conversation Intelligence. With this kind of ammunition at their disposal, your sales team can move from the traditional static way of selling to the new-age dynamic intent-led outreach and sales.

Effective outreach with Outplay Connect

With our Chrome extension - Outplay Connect, you can engage prospects from anywhere. Whether you are checking your email, reading an article on Medium, or using LinkedIn, you can capture prospects from anywhere in a single click. 

And that’s not all, you can also check daily sales tasks, send emails, make calls and engage prospects on the go. We are an extremely fluid Klenty alternative that way and are designed to make multi-channel outreach effective by taking prospecting to an all-new level.

Dedicated customer support

When you choose the top Klenty competitor - Outplay, you get a priority support team that’s there for you 24x5. Because dedicated customer support is something we feel passionately about at Outplay. That makes us industry leaders in the sales engagement space in a customer support function, scoring 9.9/10 in reports by G2. 

Our customers love us for the quick resolutions we offer, pre-and post-sale. And the best part is, we don't charge additional money for support on our platform.

The best Klenty alternative for new-age sales teams to engage, involve, and ultimately win customers


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Why our customers ❤️ us

"Free, enterprise-level support.."

"You promised to help us, work with us, and not stop supporting us until we say we’re successful. This was a massive change from what we were used to with our previous sales engagement platform. This was huge."

Colby Davis
Colby Davis

VP of Sales & Marketing, Employer Advantage

"Ramp up in days, not months.."

"Every time I bring on new sales reps, they get used to it really quickly and then thrive in it. Most of the reps I bring in are entry-level and haven’t used sales software before. In two or three days they’re booking demos using Outplay."

Sadya Zirkind
Sadya Zirkind

Director of Growth and Partnerships, Four

Our outbound success rate increased by 30% in the last quarter alone.

If you’re looking for a tool that’s cost-effective, helps you create velocity, momentum, transparency around your outbound process with a quick time to value, then Outplay is the tool for you.

Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton

VP of Sales, now CRO, UserVoice


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