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Thanks to our unique single slab pricing, you pay for the most feature-rich outreach tool in the market without any restriction on any feature.

Our affordable pricing makes it easy for you to expand your sales team and grow your revenue. That's not all, you also get high priority support via live chat.

Easy to use and Feature-rich

Why do have we over 4000 happy customers? Number one reason is the ease of use of our app; most users start using it in minutes. Your team no longer has to wait for training to start their outreach tasks. Don’t take our word for it, just look for the reviews of all the major outreach sales engagement platforms.

Also, our tool provides industry-leading features that enable our customers to outplay their competitors and book more meetings.

Integrations to super-power your work

Unlike other tools, we do not force you to choose between a few CRMs. Our bi-directional integrations are so good, that with a click of a button your choice of data will be transferred from the CRM that your use, into Outplay and the other way around as well. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual work and hello to productivity.

Outplay integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.

Top Features

Multi-touch channels

Reach out to your prospects wherever they are - email, phone, text/SMS, LinkedIn or Twitter

Call your prospects from anywhere you want

With our in-built dialer calling prospects is as easy as pushing a button! No more switching apps.

Book meetings with your website visiting prospects

With our special touch, you can identify your prospects visiting your website and quickly book a meeting with them from chat.

Integrations to superpower your progress

We provide powerful bi-directional integrations with Pipedrive, Salesforce & more to take your outreach efforts to the next level!

Do not get distracted by busywork

We give you the ability to automate your sequences intelligently so you can focus more on closing deals!

Reliable analytics to improve your efforts

We provide the most accurate analytics to your outreach efforts across channels for you to improve your work. Send, analyze, tweak, and succeed!

Get ready to Skyrocket your Sales

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