How to decide between Salesloft vs Outreach

Aditi Chordia for Outplay


Aditi Chordia for Outplay


September 22, 2022

How to decide between Salesloft vs Outreach


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  5. Why is Outplay a better solution?

Summary: Salesloft and Outreach are both popular sales tools for cold outreach. But are they right for your business? Let’s find out.

Salesloft and Outreach are both sales engagement platforms. Both aim to shorten the sales cycle by streamlining and automating the way to reach out to prospects. This includes setting up outreach sequences, reporting engagement data, and tracking sales numbers. 

While both can make prospecting easy, they can be super expensive, especially for small businesses. They don’t offer a free trial, and you have to request a quote after filling in your information on the website's pricing page. 

Salesloft can be clunky and difficult to use and may require extensive training. What’s worse? If you run into a problem and require immediate help, Salesloft’s support team takes days, sometimes a week, to respond to customer queries.

When you switch to Outplay, you don’t have to go through that hassle. You get priority access to the support team that's there for you 24x5.

With Outplay, monitoring interactions with prospects, tracking real-time insights and team performance, and getting better visibility into the sales pipeline is easier. And the best part? It’s made for you and your business. It has a single-price slab that covers all the top-tier features. No hidden costs. No rigid contracts.

Let’s look at a brief comparison between Outreach vs. Salesloft, a few more players in the field, and then talk about how Outplay stacks up against them.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps the sales team to manage workflows, gain actionable insights, and shorten the complex sales cycle. 

Outreach has a lot more features than Salesloft and is a preferred choice for sales teams looking to build customized experiences for their customers. In addition to the automatic outreach sequences, they provide buyer sentiment analysis, success playbooks and messaging guides, and AI-powered real-time coaching. 

What does not work?

Outreach comes with its drawbacks. Customers often complain about their complicated and difficult-to-use interface, integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, and poor quality customer support.

One of the reviewers said, “Outreach has issues regularly. There's always something wrong with it. What's worse is that when you put in a support ticket, they always give you a generic issue on the customer's side.

Another reviewer mentioned, “The integration with Salesforce is poor at best. The interface is not user-friendly. I have difficulty navigating the software despite using it for over a year.”


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps to prospect more, close bigger deals, increase conversion rates, and shorten the deal cycle. The platforms give the sales reps visibility into everything happening at all stages.

Similar to Outreach, Salesloft offers a variety of features to simplify outreach efforts, such as dialer + messenger capabilities, cadence automation, deal forecasting, and more. It also provides metrics on Zoom calls, such as transcript recording or automatic analysis of the call to understand the impact of sales conversations.

What does not work?

Salesloft has fewer features than Outreach, but it’s easier to use and more preferred among the two. But it isn’t free from its problems. Customers have complained about the Salesloft dialer, especially the click-to-dial feature, and occasional bugs and glitches.

One of the reviewers reported, “The salesforce integration is glitchy, and I have to refresh SF constantly to get it to work. Click-to-dial is a joke.

Another one said, “The dialer/phone is the worst thing about the platform. I would say it works about 60% of the time, and if you don't have a direct line, there's no point in calling since you won't be able to go through the names directory or dial EXTs. Also, there is a consistent call quality issue, and nothing is worse than getting a prospect on the phone when they can't hear you.”


There are also other platforms like Klenty - a multi-channel sales engagement platform that helps to send personalized emails to prospects and engage with them at the right time and place. They do this on the basis of real-time data and insights, ensuring data-driven sales strategies. They also have the option to automate CRM and other admin work that wastes precious time.

What does not work?

Klenty comes with certain drawbacks like this user faced.

"Once you import all your leads and set up your triggers to automatically pull new leads from our CRM - it did not do that. Only the manually uploaded list, in the beginning, worked, which left us losing time and money. Also, I would create cadences and all of a sudden they would disappear. The frustration of losing all that work was overwhelming."

The product is great, no doubt, but still has a few basics to get right - like the usability of the product. Another user said, "The click-through rate is horrible. Also, the system randomly refreshes when I am typing an email, and then all the progress is lost. That's very frustrating."


Another platform that you'll come across is Lemlist - an all-in-one outbound solution for all outreach automation issues. It personalizes cold emails, automates follow-ups, and engages with leads across all channels.

What does not work?

Lemlist is quite expensive for what they offer. One user said,

"HubSpot manual task synchronization does not exist, tasks sometimes can be absent(yes, you can create a campaign, and tasks can be absent for some prospects), UX isn't intuitive, and reports don't look nice with all those stupid emojis. But all that is nothing the worst thing is numerous bugs. The system can be down during your working process and you can do nothing but sit and wait till your ticket is done. It's inappropriate for such expensive software."

They also have to smoothen out their user-friendliness like this user says, "Our team needs to deal with Lemlist's bug on weekly basis. In short, new week - new bug."

Why is Outplay a better solution?

Outplay is an all-in-one multi-channel sales engagement software that helps your sales team become more efficient and drive more revenue. Here’s why it is the right fit for your business:

More Affordable Than Salesloft And Outreach

Both Salesloft and Outreach don’t mention their pricing on the website. You have to request a quote after filling in the information. The reason they don’t mention it upfront is that they’re super expensive for a small business—charging $140 per seat with added implementation costs. Salesloft also has a minimum number of seat restrictions in their plan.

With Outplay, you pay what you see. We have a single-slab pricing plan that covers all the features. No hidden fees, implementation costs, or complicated pricing model. We are all about transparency. 

More Intuitive And Easier-To-Use

With Salesloft, the sales reps have to spend months in training before they can start using the software. 

None of that hassle with Outplay. Sales reps can sign up and launch multi-channel sales sequences in minutes. The interface is clean and simple to navigate, and they can easily understand where to go and what to do. But don’t take our word for it. See what our reviewers have to say.

“This is THE most modern and user-friendly sales engagement platform available. It is super easy to use, with excellent analytics and setting options.”

Here's another review for you to consider.

”Solid sales enablement platform for organizing touch points and outreach. An extensive list of features, more than most would even use. Great salesforce integration, unique time-saving sync method. The dialer and call recording system is solid and great for managing teams. Great job taking feature requests/ feedback and implementing those ideas.”

Better Tracking Of The Real-Time Data

Drive repeatable growth with easy-to-read, real-time insights. Salesloft and Outreach have a complicated reporting dashboard with hundreds of variables that can quickly become overwhelming for sales reps.

With Outplay, you can easily monitor every interaction with your prospects. Track sequence statistics, opportunity stages, meetings booked, prospect status, and task execution in a click. Analyze sales calls with the help of AI. Get more visibility into the sales pipeline and team’s performance. It’s easier to navigate than both the tools combined.

Better Customer Support

Salesloft and Outreach’s customers regularly complain of their poor customer service. It takes days and weeks for the Salesloft team to respond to customer queries. 

When you switch to Outplay, you get access to a priority support team available for you 24x7. One of the main reasons customers love Outplay is our quick and responsive support team that offers immediate solutions to your problems.

“We have been using tools like Outreach,, and a few other tools for sales outreach. We then purchased OutplayHQ. We couldn’t have been happier. Their support team is so awesome that it’s superior to some of the enterprise software products we purchased for more than $30K to $50K per year. They’re super helpful and will even go out of their call of duty to ensure you’re successful. They have also been continuously improving their product. Since I started using their product in the last two years, they have added dozens of new features and several integrations. For instance, we use HubSpot for marketing automation. It integrates seamlessly with HubSpot and keeps things synced well. Overall, I would give them an A+, and I wish I could rate them higher.”

Try Outplay For Free

Think Outplay is the right solution for your business? Why not give it a try? As a part of our process, we first understand your prospecting needs, walk you through our product demo, and show you how it can be custom-tailored for your organization. If you want to know more about us, check out Outplay HQ. To book a demo, click here.

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